Ideological Foundations of Progressive Socialism – 3


By P.R. Sarkar

In all human actions the tender touch of humanity should be present. Those with the tendency to not deprive others cannot, on the grounds of justice and equity, accept the principle of private ownership. The economic structures in the world today, however, are not based on human rights. In order to recognize human rights, one will have to be ready for revolutionary changes, and one will also have to welcome them. The socialization of landed property, industry, trade and commerce – almost everything – is the major objective of this revolution.

Here, in this context, I deliberately have not used the term “nationalization”. Just as the slogans, “Landlords are not the owners of the land” and, “Industrialists are not the owners of the factories” are incorrect, similarly the slogans, “Land belongs to those who push the plough” and, “Factories belong to those who wield the hammer” are also incorrect. The people in general are the real owners of all the wealth in this world, and that is why I have used the term “socialization”.

Among those who support the elimination of private ownership, some consider that adequate compensation should be paid before taking over landed properties, factories and commercial enterprises. Others consider that, until now, the capitalist owners of such enterprises have perpetuated immense exploitation, so the question of compensation cannot arise. If the payment of compensation continues for a long time, it is very true that the rapid welfare of the people will not be possible. Hence, the proposal to purchase the properties of capitalists cannot be supported.

It is also true that the owners of such properties are not always physically fit or financially well off. The owner of a property may be a helpless widow or an extremely old invalid. In such cases, certainly, a pension should be arranged for them. Of course, if the owner of a property happens to be a minor, then, definitely, a stipend has to be arranged for his or her upbringing and education! Even in the case where the owner is a strong and healthy man, if there is no other means of livelihood, suitable opportunities will have to be made for his income, according to his qualifications and capacities. This is the proper humanistic arrangement.

From Problems of the Day (1958)

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Ideological Foundations of Progressive Socialism:
1) One family
2) Morality and spirituality
3) Socialization
4) World habitat
5) Universalism
6) World government

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