One human society

One Human Society, P.R. Sarkar
Universal society has only one culture — humanitarian value at its fundament; the minimum necessities of human society should be guaranteed; a common philosophy of life; universality in constitutional structure; a common penal code; liberty.

Human Society is One and Indivisible (3 parts), P.R. Sarkar
Analysis of race; common points of affinity to establish unity and welfare: socio-economic justice, psychic sentiments, spiritual sentiment; discussions on language, class, nationalism, etc.

How to Unite Human Society, P.R. Sarkar
Points of unity and difference.

Universal Society Has Only One Culture, P.R. Sarkar
A brief discussion on the essential points of the above discourses.

The Principle of Social Equality, P.R. Sarkar
On the principle of social equality and the principle of selfish pleasure.

Human Beings of the World, Unite! P.R. Sarkar
"To establish unity, the society will have to select an ideology which remains unassailed by any spatial, temporal or personal differences. That is why only Cosmic ideology will have to be adopted as the polestar of life;" introducing morally and spiritually enlightened leadership.

Basic Differences In Attitude Between The East And The West, P.R. Sarkar
“It behoves both the East and the West to accept a synthetic ideology. Here, the East can help the West spiritually, whereas the materialistic West can extend its material help to the East.”

The Dangers of Communalism, P.R. Sarkar
Sarkar’s last discourse: “On the eve of my departure from this world, I send out a clarion call to those who are preparing in every house to fight against the demons in human form.”

Unity and Synthesis, P.R. Sarkar
Examples of fissiparious tendencies in collective life: the Chinese infiltration of Tibet, the Nepalese expansion in the eastern states of Sikkim and Bhutan, Palestine, Pakistan's expansion into India.

The Rule of Rationality, P.R. Sarkar
"Our planet is just like a hidden treasure. Due to our folly or undeveloped thinking, we could not give proper solutions to the problems of material existence."

370: From Tragedy to Humility, T.N. Das
"Above all we need a revolution of bhakti or Ishq-e-haqiqi or mystical love. Every girl should be blessed with the opportunity to become the next Lalla and every boy should be blessed with the opportunity to become the next Nund Rishi."

One Human Society, Acarya Gunamuktananda Avt.
Discussing the essential requirements of unity, security and peace for establishing a true human society.

Think Like a Family, Act Like a Hero, Ac. Krsnasevananda Avt.
"People must wake up from the fairytale dream of democracy and assume the responsibility of real struggle … The notion of a universal family is something that can be made the basis of economic policy. The spirit of heroic fight against exploitation is the second part of the inner spirit of PROUT."

Unity In Diversity, PROUT Globe
Basic concepts of PROUT's concept of samaj leading to humanistic patriotism in practice.

Steps to a Confederation, Dr. S. Inayatullah
Reflections on a Proutistic confederation of South Asian states, suggestions for short-term and long-term measures.

A People's Fundamental Characteristic, Trond Overland
PROUT's concept of individual and collective vital characteristics — prana dharma — and their importance.

How Long Casteism? Garda Ghista
On casteism in India; proutistic, neohumanist appeal.

Crime and Prisons: Beyond the rehabilitation and punishment debate, Sohail Inayatullah

Protecting indigenous peoples' folklore through copyright law, Dieter Dambiec

"The universal society has only one culture. It has humanitarian value at its very fundament. Human society throughout the universe has only one human sentiment, and that sentiment makes people laugh in happiness and shed tears in sorrow. They try to help others, form society, live peacefully and die peacefully. This is what is called human culture. We should encourage this fundamental culture." – P.R. Sarkar

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