Cooperatives, P.R. Sarkar
“It is always better for people to work together as far as possible – the more that human beings work together, the better it is.”

Farmers’ Cooperatives, P.R. Sarkar
“Providing food, clothing, housing, education and medical treatment is most important for social security. These five minimum requirements are indispensable to raise the living standard of the people. To guarantee these, the principle of production based on consumption has to be adopted.”

Cooperative Production, P.R. Sarkar
“In the modern world the cooperative system is the best system of agricultural and industrial production.”

Cooperative vs. Private Sector

A Cooperative Economy – What Might It Look Like,
Jake Karlyle
The cooperative economy is the third way, which offers an alternative future, one that, potentially, should avoid the excesses and disasters of both capitalism and communism.

Cooperative Economics, Ronald Logan
Ideas, traditions and practices of cooperation in Russia.

The Science and Ethics of Cooperation, M. Towsey
Comprehensive discussion on cooperation.

Decentralized Economy Based on the Cooperative System, Ac. Tadbhavananda Avt.
A short brief on the role of cooperatives in PROUT’s decentralized economy.

PROUT Worker’s Cooperatives, Carla Dickstein
Strict morality amongst the members and strong supervision by moral people are fundamental to the success of cooperatives.

The Importance of Morality in Cooperatives, Ac. Tadbhavananda Avt.
Cooperative movements all over the world take an isolated approach, creating miniature forms of capitalism. they have not generated the needed moral force to change the exploitative economic structure itself.

Alternative Economic Structures and Business Enterprises (2 parts), Dieter Dambiec
Comprehensive discussion on PROUT cooperatives; motivation, structure, application.

Maleny Cooperatives: Examples of Small-scale Cooperative Enterprises

Why Cooperatives, The New Zealand Context, Bruce Dyer

FAQ on Cooperatives

“The sweetest unifying factors are love and sympathy for humanity. The wonts of the human heart are joy, pleasure and beatitude. In the physical realm the best expression of this human sweetness is the cooperative system. The cooperative system is the best representation of the sweet nectar of humanity.” – P.R. Sarkar

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