Socio-economic Movements, P.R. Sarkar
Six points essential to socio-economic movements for rooting out exploitation and building a just and benevolent society.

Socio-economic Units, P.R. Sarkar
The idea and strategy of socio-economic units.

Criteria for Socioeconomic Groupification, P.R. Sarkar
While forming socio-economic units, factors such as same economic problems, uniform economic potentialities, ethnic similarities, the sentimental legacy of the people, and similar geographical features should be considered.

PROUT Based Grassroots Socio-Economic Democracy for People’s Empowerment and Equitable Global Order for Parity among Nations, Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista

Civilian Democratic Political-Economic System, for Liberated Countries and Countries with all Systems of Government, Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista

Book: Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government, Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista

Steps to a Confederation, Sohail Inayatullah
Reflections on a Proutistic confederation of South Asian states, suggestions for short-term and long-term measures.

The Wealth Cap and other Practical Proposals for Reducing Inequality, Ac. Krsnasevananda Avt.
On inequality, PROUT remedial methods, and their economic, social, environmental, and spiritual benefits.

FAQ on Socio-economics

PROUT is the new socio-economics with a voluminous body of theoretical and practical literature. On this page we have differentiated key material on PROUT socio-economics into categories. In reality, the various areas often overlap and interlace.

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