"Every person must understand that for the maintenance of any organism, there must be a close cooperation between each of its component parts. Humanity is not inert, and the relationships between human beings depend on more than mere cooperation. This cooperation instead of being based on a master-servant relationship, must be constructed in a warmly cordial atmosphere of free human beings. It should be a coordinated cooperation and not a subordinated one."Building anything on humanistic lines requires a foundation of real love and affection for humanity. A truly benevolent society will never come into being under the leadership of those energetic busybodies who are solely concerned with profit and loss. Where love is paramount, the question of personal loss or gain does not arise. The basic ingredient for building a healthy society is simply genuine love; how then is it possible to establish such a society through coercion or legal compulsion?" – P.R. Sarkar, Human Society Part 1

The Existential Value of Ideology, P.R. Sarkar
"The term spiritual dialectics is misleading and incorrect, and is not applicable to our philosophy. Rather the term Supreme Synthetic Subjective Proposition or Supreme Synthetic Subjective Appropriation should be used."

The Ideological Foundations of PROUT's Progressive Socialism (1-6), P.R. Sarkar

The Historical Need for PROUT, Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
"Today the human soul no longer rests on a secure foundation. Everything is contradictory and uncertain. But the slow death of the old order need not fill us with despair. It is a natural law that life comes after death. Every civilization is an expression of some inner realization, an essay in creation, to be discarded upon a new awakening of consciousness."

Universal Rights, D. Dambiec (PPT slideshow) 6,6 MB

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