“Both the problems and their solutions have been pointed out. Now it is our bounden duty to carry this message to all nooks and corners of this world.” – Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, “The Rule of Rationality” (1987) Click to read on…

Dignified socio-economies both closed and open, Prout’s synthesis of protectionism, free trade, and the beginnings of integrated world society.

Socio-economic decentralization does not diminish or dissipate economic potential. Localization removes regional disparity because wealth is distributed almost equally everywhere.

Buy locally produced goods and get more for your money; the hidden costs of importing every-day items.

The concentration of wealth, where will it end?

PROUT’s solution to the concentration of wealth

partylessIssue-oriented movements are challenging party politics everywhere. Party dictatorship or enlightened leadership — what are we capable of?
Beyond party politics
No more political parties — Prout for essential social unity 

Today’s banking is dominated by all-devouring colossuses that crave to be fed by public money, whenever their speculation fails spectacularly, to continue their existence as masters of global trade. In contrast, PROUT’s decentralized banking system presents a rational approach to supplying money when and where it is required for human welfare. Click to read… Also: Break Up Big Banks; IMF

Further escalation of the crisis of capitalism will cause unemployment figures to rise sharply throughout the world. One in ten around the world are unemployed while youth unemployment is particularly high. By virtue of its decentralized, balanced economy and emphasis on the cooperative sector, PROUT guarantees 100% employment and increasing purchasing capacity for all. Social Security and the Authority of the State


Amra Bengali protesting against plans for a separate Gorkhaland in Bengal, 28 July 2017 at Shyam Bazar, Kolkata (click for more images)

Asst. Dist. Magistrate Sher Singh has offered that PROUT was the reason for the cruel attack and murder of the 16 Ananda Marga monks and one nun in broad daylight in Kolkata in 1982. The Ananda Marga organisation supports PROUT throughout India and the world. The atrocities were witnessed by thousands of people but no arrest has been made till date. Click to read the report

Ananda Marga wholetimer volunteers walk on the streets of Kolkata with urn pots in their arms on annual memorial day of the Bijon Setu massacre, April 30

mobilemaharastra A thought exhibition van, propagating water conservation and Prout, travels from Pune, Maharashtra through the Sahayadri and Marathwada regions ahead of the rainy season in India. Wells are drying up and underwater tables falling so fast in the Middle East and parts of India, China and the US that food supplies are seriously threatened, a world leading resource analyst has warned. The propounder of Prout, Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, offered a visionary analysis and practical solutions for the global water crisis. Sarkar’s ingenious methods of utilizing water are applied by Proutists and others around the world.