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From an anti-EU rally in Athens, Greece.

Why the EU matters

Is there life after the EU for capitalists? Of course there is, if they choose to abide by harmonious humanity and not rampant individualism. PROUT points … Continue reading Why the EU matters


Prout, a Guarantee Against Totalitarianism

Prout does not see individuals as economic — commercial, financial, etc. — equals. Neither does it view the collective as a goal in itself but generates … Continue reading Prout, a Guarantee Against Totalitarianism


Morality and Social Progress

Republished with permission of ProutWomen.org We believe that transforming ourselves and becoming examples of our ideals are an integral part of the task of transforming our planet. … Continue reading Morality and Social Progress


WB Communist Leaders to be Questioned Over Bijon Setu

Past and present West Bengal communist heads will be called in for questioning for their alleged role in the massacre of 16 monks and a … Continue reading WB Communist Leaders to be Questioned Over Bijon Setu


Why Is Capitalism Taking So Long To Collapse?

The existence of powerful international bodies and their frequent interaction with world stage politicians, is the main structural reason that enables global capitalism today to somehow … Continue reading Why Is Capitalism Taking So Long To Collapse?


Nuclear Revolution In A Nutshell

By T N Das Today revolution is in the minds of many, as economic inequality reaches unprecedented levels of injustice and as the world economy … Continue reading Nuclear Revolution In A Nutshell


The Proutist Samaj Movement

By  Dr. Dhruba Hojai The nature of the human mind is expansion. That's why it is restless. It longs for the infinite. The narrow domestic … Continue reading The Proutist Samaj Movement


The Yoga of Economics

Dr. Sohail Inayatullah takes a look at the ancient system of Yoga, and in particular some of its ethical principles, through socioeconomic lenses. Republished with … Continue reading The Yoga of Economics


First Principle of Economic Democracy

"People will have to opt for either political democracy or economic democracy. That is, they will have to choose a socio-economic system based on either … Continue reading First Principle of Economic Democracy

Refugee Rights Protest at Broadmeadows, MelbourneA global issue: Refugee rights protest, Melbourne, Australia
A Natural Human Response; the Significance of Europe's Refugee Dilemma Click to read…

By exercising fair regulation in the physical sphere and unrestricted freedom in mental and spiritual spheres, Prout is a guarantee against totalitarianism. Click to read…

Greek no-supporters in a rally in Dublin, Ireland
Grexit will be no isolated affair of course. The Greeks’ latest reaction to global capitalism — a resounding no to ruin by debt — will be followed by similar cases in other European countries. In the end we will have a full-blown pan-European confrontation not only with the EU monetary system but with exploitative capitalism. What follows may be a return to isolationism, nationalism…it is anyone’s guess. In any case, these will all be symptoms of something gone seriously wrong that need to be fixed. In the end there is no option for the people of Europe and of the world but to embrace the principles of PROUT.
Also: Why the EU matters     May the Euro, and the EU, rest in peace

We're happy to present…a high quality authoritative documentary on the capitalistic system and the mindset it has laid upon us, and the way to liberate ourselves.
"Trickle-down economics doesn't work, because by the time the money reaches the bottom of our pyramid, it has lost its purchasing power."

child-poverty-young-mothers-small "The Global Economic Situation is due for a correction…"
What Correction! Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, the founder of PROUT, while commenting in 1987 on the imminent downfall of communism and capitalism, emphasized  two main reasons for serious economic downturns: 1) extreme concentration of the value of wealth, and 2) monetary standstill. Indeed, a recent Credit Suisse report on wealth states that the world’s richest 1% now own about half of the total global wealth, and although that wealth has grown to a new record – $263tn, more than twice the $117tn calculated for 2000 – 90 per cent of the world´s population owns only 13% of it. This development may intensify economic recession, the report´s authors state. Click to read…

Today's banking is dominated by all-devouring colossuses that crave to be fed by public money, whenever their speculation fails spectacularly, to continue their existence as masters of global trade. In contrast, PROUT’s rational banking system presents a rational approach to supplying money when and where it is required for human welfare. Click to read… Also: Break Up Big Banks; IMF

Further escalation of the crisis of capitalism will cause unemployment figures to rise sharply throughout the world. One in ten around the world are unemployed while youth unemployment is particularly high. By virtue of its decentralized, balanced economy and emphasis on the cooperative sector, PROUT guarantees 100% employment and increasing purchasing capacity for all. Social Security and the Authority of the State

PROUT Worldmobilemaharastra A thought exhibition van, propagating water conservation and Prout, travels from Pune, Maharashtra through the Sahayadri and Marathwada regions ahead of the rainy season in India. watercrisis
Wells are drying up and underwater tables falling so fast in the Middle East and parts of India, China and the US that food supplies are seriously threatened, a world leading resource analyst has warned. PROUT founder Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar offered a visionary analysis and practical solutions for the global water crisis. Sarkar's ingenious methods of utilizing water are applied around the world.

WB Communist Leaders to be Questioned Over Bijon Setu
bijonsetumarch2014Ananda Marga volunteers walk on the streets of Kolkata with urn pots in their arms on annual memorial day of the Bijon Setu massacre April 30, 2015
Asst. Dist. Magistrate Sher Singh has offered that PROUT was the reason for the cruel attack and murder of the 16 Ananda Marga monks and one nun in broad daylight in Kolkata in 1982. The Ananda Marga organisation supports PROUT throughout India and the world. The atrocities were witnessed by thousands of people but no arrest has been made till date. Click to read the report

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