Quotes on PROUT

"The world needs new socioeconomic structures that are more just, stronger and less self-centered like PROUT; and we need to make systematic changes that free us, too." Maria Darlene Trindade Marques, President of the Union of Brazilian Economists

"I'm a proutist!" Trent Schroyer; Chairperson of The Other Economic Summit, upon hearing a presentation on PROUT

"PROUT is very important to all who yearn for a liberation which starts from economics and opens to a totality of personal and social human existence." Leonardo Boff, Brazilian founder of Liberation Theology


"Alternative visions are crucial at this moment in history. PROUT’s cooperative model of economic democracy, based on cardinal human values and sharing the resources of the planet for the welfare of everyone, deserves our serious consideration." Noam Chomsky, Libertarian socialist

"As PROUT advises, the best use of developmental finance is to develop cooperatives." Jaroslav Vanek, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University, Author of The Participatory Economy

"PROUT is an important contribution to rethinking the disastrous course of the current economic globalization." Hazel Henderson, Economist, Author of Beyond Globalization


"PROUT is an explicit and coherent alternative to Marxism and liberalism. PROUT is a synthesis of decentralist theory, Tantra, cooperatives economics, transpersonal psychology, etc." Mark Satin, Author of New Age Politics, Editor of New Options


"PROUT’s vision is both holistic and systemic, with a concrete way of reorganizing society. It has the power to construct itself in a post-capitalist project. PROUT is transforming and profoundly revolutionary, and I support all of its dimensions."
Marcos Arruda, Leading Brazilian activist

Quotes on P.R. Sarkar, the propounder of PROUT

“Sarkar, in his own way, is more than the equal of the great historian Arnold Toynbee. Sarkar not only illuminated the growth and inevitable decline that comes from the ‘acquisitive-Capitalist’ stage in societal evolution that has now deeply infected the West, but offers wise counsel on what to do instead.”
Oliver W. Markley, Professor of Human Sciences, University of Houston at Clear Lake

“Sarkar’s theory is far superior
to Adam Smith’s or that of Marx.”

Johan Galtung, Founder UN Institute
of Peace Studies

“P.R. Sarkar was one of the greatest modern philosophers of India.”
Giani Zail Singh, former President of India


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