On this page we take a closer look at PROUT's position beyond materialist, individualist and collectivist dogmas.

The Excellence of God-Centred Philosophy, P.R. Sarkar
A discussion on dogma-centred, matter-centred, self-centred and God-centred philosophies.

Suppression, Repression and Oppression, P.R. Sarkar
An analysis from 1989 with particular references to communism and the caste system in India.

PROUT: The alternative to capitalism and communism
From the booklet PROUT, What It Stands For

PROUT Compared with Capitalism and Communism

Comparing Prout to Marxism and Communism
“The distribution of surplus wealth among the meritorious in PROUT remedies the problem of equal distribution in communism.”

Capitalism, Marxism and Neo-humanist Economics, Gary Coyle
"In both capitalism and communism psychic pabula degenerates causing the devolution of the human mind and social chaos."

Sarkar, Toynbee and Marx, R. Batra
Analysis of how the three thinkers compare and a conclusion on PROUT's position in it.

Comparing the welfare economics of Amartya Sen to PROUT

Comparing PROUT with participatory economics

The fallacy of mixed exonomy
From the booklet PROUT, What It Stands For

Capitalism, PROUT and Deficiencies in Democracy (5 parts), Dr. Susmit Kumar
A comprehensive discussion taken from the the author’s book The Modernization of Islam and the Creation of a Multipolar World Order.

Individual Liberty and Collective Interest, Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
"Individual liberty must be allowed as long as it does not: violates cardinal moral values, upsets the balanced distribution of wealth, serves the selfish aims of any self-styled leader, harms human unity, creates violence and hatred, and creates a psychology that facilitates psycho-economic exploitation through the propagation of pseudo-values and the glorification of selfish individualism."

The Historical Need for PROUT, Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
A discussion on the evolution of individual and collective psychology in the East and West respectively, and a conclusion on PROUT.

The PROUT Paradigm, PROUT Globe
With references to contemporary Western philosophical trends.

A Proutist Response to Land Value Capture, Prof. John Gross
Land value tax could work in a capitalist economy but would work contrary to enhancing cooperative industry in a Proutist economy.

The Radical Nature of PROUT, Dr. Marcos Arruda
“PROUT does not ignore the contradictory nature of our human reality, for that is what stimulates our evolving, dynamic character.”

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