Video, film
Various statements on PROUT from around the world
Ravi Batra on PROUT and World Poverty (4 parts)
No Woolies in Maleny, on the struggle for community empowerment
1982 Bijon Setu: Signature of Violence, on the communist massacre of 17 proutists in Kolkata.

Implementing PROUT for a Sin-free Suffering-free Society, PBI
PROUT slogans
Economic and Social Questions About Your Area
PROUT Lessons from Development Work in West Africa

Education / Training
Local full-timer training centre, PU Global Office offers training in Denmark
Gurukula, umbrella organisation of neohumanistic educational institutions
Instituto Visão Futuro, Brazil, workshops on bio-psychology, ecology and proutistic mode of living
The Sarkar Game

Documents related to the persecution of Shrii P.R. Sarkar and PROUT in India in the 1970s

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