“You must always ascertain which comes first, the theory or the practice. If theory succeeds practice it will definitely be materialized.” – P.R. Sarkar

Theory and Practice, P. R. Sarkar
Four deficiencies that hinder practical application of theories.

Exploitation and Pseudo-Culture, P. R. Sarkar
On various forms of exploitation, subtle and crude.

On Metamorphosed Sentimental Strategy, P.R. Sarkar
Limited sentiments, hypocritical exploiters, and proto-psycho-spirituality

Defects of Communism, P.R. Sarkar
On the essence and actions of communism.

Suppression, Repression and Oppression, P.R. Sarkar
With particular references to communism, and the caste system in India.

The Rule of Rationality, P.R. Sarkar
On the need for constructive action and solutions.

Laws of Social Dynamics, P.R. Sarkar
On the systaltic nature of social action and contraction.

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