Trifarious Expression, by P.R. Sarkar
“If we are interested today in the welfare of this beautiful universe, we should try more and more to accelerate the speed of spiritual progress.”

The Human Search for Real Progress, P.R. Sarkar
The nature of movement in physical, psychic and spiritual spheres, the five fundamental mental feelings of pleasure, and what the term progress denotes.

The Philosophical Interpretation of Progress, P.R. Sarkar
Further explanations of progress with a focus on intellectual, psychological development.

Civilization, Science and Spiritual Progress, P.R. Sarkar
Civilization, culture and their differences, science, and the balanced development of the three in a spiritually conscious society.

The Future of Civilization, P.R. Sarkar
The six essential factors of social development, and proper leadership.

PROUT, what it stands for: Progress
“Ours is an endless journey without any break or pause, a journey eternal. We can never agree with Marx when he says, ‘There is no more movement, no more progress. The heavenly state desired for has been achieved.’”

A New Definition of Social Progress
“PROUT recognizes that only those physical actions and intellectual expressions that promote progress toward the state of infinite well-being are truly progressive.”

Happiness, a State of Mind, Dr. Susmit Kumar
A philosophical reflection on the mind’s difficulty in experiencing true progress.

The Moon, Mantras and Belief, Dr. Susmit Kumar
“Concentration of the mind is the secret.”

The Ecology of Progress, Dr. Ravi Batra
Elaborates PROUT’s basic concept of progress.

“What we mean by progress in the physical world is only the awareness of pleasure. We either fail to see or purposely ignore the corresponding pain aspect, but the only real human progress is spiritual progress. Concern with the physical and intellectual field should be for the purpose of adjusting the base on which spiritual progress will thrive.” P.R. Sarkar

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