The PROUT Companion

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The PROUT Companion is the reincarnation of PROUT Giita, the 1978 classical handbook written by Acarya Raghunath Prasad. The compact pocket-sized book offered an ideological basis as well as core philosophical and scientific perspectives on PROUT, while elucidating the fundamental principles as well as political and industrial rudiments and other applications of the theory.

In 2010, the original text was edited and updated, and the work was given a more universally applicable title. Hereby a new generation of proutists have been given an opportunity to experience and learn from the significant contribution of Acarya Raghunath, one of the early and most learned proutists who used to receive information and teachings directly from Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, the propounder of Prout.

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