“In all walks of present-day life, the dark shadows of immorality are fast taking definite shapes and hampering human progress. It requires a very strong moral force to wipe out this filth of immorality. One cannot expect this moral force from a government power functioning within a democratic structure. We must expect it from the non-political side. The government, be it fascist, imperialist, republican, dictatorial, bureaucratic or democratic, is sure to become tyrannical if there is no moral force to check the capricious activities of the leaders of the party in power.” – P.R. Sarkar, The Great Universe

A Guide to Human Conduct, P.R. Sarkar
“It cannot be said that the ultimate aim of human life is not to commit theft; what is desirable is that the tendency to commit theft should be eliminated. Not to indulge in falsehood is not the aim of life; what is important is that the tendency of telling lies should be dispelled from one’s mind.”

Moralism, P.R. Sarkar
“The ideological component of the unit mind which provides the initial inspiration for the individual to attain that Cosmic state, is called ‘morality'”.

Morality, P.R. Sarkar
“Humanity’s very existence is based on morality; when morality leads human beings to the fullest expression of their finer human qualities, then alone is its practical value fully realized.”

Social Values and Human Cardinal Principles, P. R. Sarkar
“The truth is that human beings have always and everywhere paid tribute to social values, but never, not even for a moment, has anyone respected human cardinal principles.”

The Present Age and Human Values, P.R. Sarkar
“What in the world does the state stand for, what is the use of all these regulations, and what are the marvels of civilization for, if people are prevented from manifesting themselves, if they do not get the opportunity to build good physiques, to invigorate their intelligence with knowledge, or to broaden their hearts with love and compassion?”

The Three Causes of Sin, P.R. Sarkar
“Criminal codes are generally framed by politicians according to their own standards. Sometimes they include a tinge of humanity and sometimes they do not. Thus the present-day legal codes are not necessarily humanitarian.”

Urban Life and Morality, P.R. Sarkar
“In urban civilization, more people live in a small area; this is the enemy of individual morality. It is essential for the moral development of an individual to live a life of solitude for some time.”

Love In Action: Neo-Ethics for a Cosmic Family, T.N. Das
“New moral practices and new moral values come from new spiritual practices freed from religious dogma.”

Ethics for Personal and Social Transformation, Dada Maheshvarananda
A discussion of the roots of true morality as opposed to imposed, coerced morality, explaining the ten principles of ancient spiritual external and internal morality.

The Science and Ethics of Cooperation, M. Towsey
Comprehensive discussion on cooperation.

Morality is the Base and the Starting Point, PROUT Globe
PROUT seems to be promoting a moral standard. How can there be one set of moral principles for all people everywhere?

On Ethical Dilemmas, Ac. Shambhushivananda Avt.
Morality can never be considered as an absolute virtue. It is that relative truth which allows us to live in harmony with the rest of creation while enabling and goading us to unite with our highest nature.

Morality and Law, Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
Detailing PROUT cardinal moral principles.

The Importance of Morality in Cooperatives, Ac. Tadbhavananda Avt.
Cooperative movements all over the world take an isolated approach, creating miniature forms of capitalism. they have not generated the needed moral force to change the exploitative economic structure itself.

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