The Stage of Perseverance

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
One, who is persevering, who is engaged in the effort to become better, nobler, and eager to achieve something unique, is not a completely ordinary human being. One is not a normal person for the simple reason that the curvatures of one’s psychic expressions are being gradually transformed into linear flow.

It is true that, such a person is a normal human being, but unlike others whose curvatures remain curved, their systaltic (up and down) movement is gradually and unconsciously transformed into a straight line. This state of transformation is the stage of perseverance (yatamána).

Since the stage of perseverance is a state of transformation, the environment exerts its deep influence on it. While at home, one may remain in the state of perseverance. It may be that one’s family members are creating great obstacles, and forcefully saying, “Eat this” or “Do this now,” “Now we will not let you do this” – in this manner they create all kinds of barriers.

Now one has fallen amidst multiple obstacles and tests. Maybe, for some, such obstacles and tests are of a lesser degree. In case of a person who experiences such obstacles to a lesser degree, the curvature is not properly transformed into a straight line. At that moment, obstacles are a great necessity. Obstacles should appear. One should invite obstacles.

What is the benefit if obstacles come along the path? The transformation of curvature, or systaltic flow, into a linear flow will be accelerated. Obstacles will appear in personal life, in the collective life, in social life, in all spheres of human life. Obstacles need to come and are desirable. If you struggle against obstacles, you will stand to gain and will never lose. That is why obstacles are to be considered as friends.

Let us suppose, someone throttles you and says, “I will not let your natural expression of language manifest itself.” If you oppose such a person and you are determined to fight against him, then what happens? Your curvature will get transformed into a straight line because when your curvature is pitted against crude external obstacles, it is transformed. This is the state of perseverance.

From “The Stage of Perseverance”, Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 10, Ananda Marga Publications

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