A Time to Be Dynamically Active

By Ronald Logan
There is a shift taking place in the world, and it is going in two directions. On the one hand, the world is dealing with great imbalances. Human population is too high, causing extinction of other species and depletion of natural resources. Individual greed is the dominant motivation in the society. There is a vying for individual power and control. Economic dynamics are out of control, spinning towards a crash. And there are wars and a vying for world dominance by nations and by the economic fiefdoms of the multinational corporations.

On the other hand, there is the growth of the Internet with its great capacity for bringing the world into one mind and that is bringing the growth of interwoven thought at a global level. Then there is a great spiritual awakening, so that yoga and mediation are becoming household words. And there is great movement in the society towards positivity, and great awareness of environmental issues on a global scale.

So these positive movements are going on while at the same time the population is growing out of control, species are dying, pollution is on a convergent course with depletion of natural resources and of food supply, wars are occurring, and the economy is unstable. All of this is making the global situation completely critical.

In the human society, a gangly state of confusion and awkward growth exists at this time — much like the puberty of a child in transition. But we know that the teen-age child will continue to grow and that their development coalesces and they mature into a young man or a young woman. So the awkwardness, the confusion, is a stage of development, a stage of evolution. This is a stage in the evolution of the earth itself, of Gaia.

Everyone is a part of the whole. Human beings are the children, the very forms, of Gaia. Gaia is a living being and human beings are her parts. Our bodies are made of this earth; our psyches are connected to this earth. We are her evolution. She is evolving and her evolution is one. So what is occurring is the evolution of the earth. Our bodies are nothing but made of Gaia.

The evolution of Gaia is affected by divine consciousness. As in all matter, there is the pull of the cosmic nucleus on Gaia, and this is what causes evolution to occur. All are evolving towards the cosmic nucleus. The pull of Shrii Krishna, that magnetic pull, is pulling all creation forward, and as it stretches forward towards consciousness there is awkwardness. Some things which were, which have been, cannot continue; some things which will be are not yet established. This is the nature of evolution. The work to be done by the human beings is to keep this evolution towards greater and greater Self-aware consciousness moving on.

Of course, there are ways to balance it all and to bring about balance. But these ways do not yet exist. This will exist, but does not exist now. It may exist in small pockets in certain ways, but in the overall society the situation is very awkward and lacking balance. And we then see the reflection of this imbalance and awkwardness expressed in human life. There is the breakdown of families and of communities. There is rampant depression and anxiety among people because of the lack of community and the lack of security in their situations. It is a sociological ailment affecting the individuals psychologically, affecting all of society. A sickness is there. It can be seen in the psyches of many people. But these psychic symptoms are ailments of the society, and the people suffer accordingly.

The times that are coming will be times of adjustment. It is time for progressive ideas to come forward and for people to unite together, for the light is growing stronger on the planet and the time for these things is now. Naturally, the forces which pull back towards the more limited approach, the more individualistic greed-oriented approach, that force feels very threatened because it knows its day has come. This is the end of the vaeshyan era. It is the end, and that is why the vaeshyan tendencies have reached their stage of deterioration. There is the transition of consciousness, and with it is the ending of an age.

Need for Solution-Based Understandings

In these times it is becoming easier to bring forward ideas which are transformative. The ideas that represent the past — the ideas of greed-based capitalism — such notions are becoming harder and harder to sustain. But the strength of the emerging progressive awareness, and of the unity of people around this awareness, is growing strong. The very existence of these transformative ideas is the expression of the freeing of consciousness and the dwindling down on what was.

In the present situation, there is great need for solution-based understandings. How can the world be made to work? Where can the resources come from? If the amount of money spent in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were put into the development of sustainable resources in the United States, what would happen? Even though they seem theoretical, such ideas should be explored.

As the grip of the past gives way and lets go there is shift, there is change. But the vaeshyan era does not give way without resistance. No, capitalism fights hard. The big capitalists do not just say, “Oh, you want to take over? We’ll just fade away.” So there must be a struggle for change. There is opportunity for the new, but this is occurring within the struggle of the rising and birth of a new form and an ending and relinquishing of the old. There is always struggle in this process.

The forces of evolution are with those that want change. So they should be empowered, because there will be certain support for them. They will feel energetically they are supported, and that feeling will grow within them. “I can do this. I can make progress. I can make change,” — this feeling will emerge and strengthen within them.

The forces of evolution, the forces of the cosmos are supporting change. But we are the ones who through our efforts must do the work. In times past, working for evolutionary change was as if climbing up a very, very steep mountain. It was hard to move, and it seemed everything came to naught. Now it is much more like going up a gentle grade and that things that are attempted bear fruit. But still someone must do it. All of this evolution is built on the work of people.

There are no bad people. There are people who in fear and ignorance are doing harm to the general good, but are too fearful to see it. Many of these people, if educated, if befriended, will come to put their resources toward positive change. If they are shown a better way that works, they will follow it. They are practical people, and they are not going to follow someone who is just condemning and criticizing everything but who has no good solutions. If they are offered good solutions, if they are inspired, they will turn around.
This may even happen with many heads of multinational corporations. Many are good people, but they don’t know anything else. Of course, there are also those who are not good people and that have malevolent intentions. But many are just ordinary people, following what they know to work and what they have been taught.

From Criticism to Solutions

There is kind of negativity in some activist circles; they criticize and bemoan the state of the world. But as social change grows it will grow beyond those people who are stuck in negativity to people who are very positive, very action-oriented — even to people who began large businesses but have lost their faith in that system and want a new paradigm. They are action-oriented, but unless they can be given viable solutions, they will not join progressive causes. Those dynamic people who can really effect change, they will be drawn like the moth to the flame once they are given practical solutions. The habit of negativity — just criticizing, criticizing — came about due to the feeling of disempowerment when people saw problems and could not solve them. But the situation is changing. It is time to put aside that type of approach and take an approach of empowerment, of fundamental change, of practical solutions.

There is a great swell, a global swell of awareness, and it will quickly grow in magnitude. But there are so many who are restless. They see the problems; they see the difficulties; they see the collision course ahead. But they don’t know what to do. They need solution-based ideas. The more solution-based ideas are there, the more these ideas can be implemented, and the less severe, the less devastating, will be the process of change.

When empowerment goes up, when education goes up, and then the population goes down — as has happened in western world — when that happens, what is the need for cataclysm to reduce world population? But if this approach fails, cataclysm is bound to be there. Through mass starvation, through earth changes, through various reactions of Gaia to the imbalance, the population will be reduced quite effectively. But it will be more humane if global population is reduced through increased capacity of education and empowerment, and through having social systems in place to support people — rather than parents feeling they need to have many sons.

In today’s world, certain positive forces are in place. The degree to which these positive solutions can be implemented is the degree to which this evolution will happen more gently. Cosmological forces are favoring global change. The pull of the Cosmic Nucleus draws humanity toward a new phase, a new era. It is a time to be dynamically active.

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