Ideological Foundations of Progressive Socialism – 4

World Habitat

By P.R. Sarkar

Every atom and molecule of this universe is the common property of all living beings. This has to be recognized as a matter of principle. After recognizing this fact, statements such as, “This is indigenous and that is foreign”, “So-and-so is qualified for the citizenship of such-and-such country while others are not” and, “Such-and-such community will get certain political rights, neither more nor less than that”, are totally irrelevant. In fact, such statements nakedly expose the vested interests. Where the people of one country suffer due to lack of land or food, while those of another country have abundant land and plentiful food, what else is it but a type of capitalism!

All people have the right to travel and settle anywhere and everywhere they like and live as dignified human beings – this is their birthright. If certain groups in any country refuse to accept this fundamental right of human beings, then it is to be understood that their slogans for peace are nothing but mere hoaxes intended to hoodwink the people. What to speak of this tiny earth, every planet, satellite, star, meteor and galaxy is the homeland of human beings! If anyone wants to deprive people of this birthright, human beings will have to establish it by force.

All countries are my native land; I shall select my own homeland.
(Sab deshe mor desh ache ámi sei desh laba bújhiyá)

From Problems of the Day (1958)

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Ideological Foundations of Progressive Socialism:
1) One family
2) Morality and spirituality
3) Socialization
4) World habitat
5) Universalism
6) World government

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