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Samajas of the South Asian Subcontinent

All Bharata Varsha samajas (click image)

Samajas of Central South Asia

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  1. Amra’ Banga’lii Sama’ja
  2. Angika Sama’ja
  3. Maethilii Sama’j
  4. Pragatishiila Magahii Sama’ja
  5. Pragatishiila Bhojpurii Sama’ja
  6. Na’gpuriya’ Sama’ja
  7. Utkal Sama’ja
  8. Koshal Sama’ja
  9. Bodo Sama’ja
  10. Assa’m Unnayan Sama’ja
  11. Avadhii Sama’ja
  12. Braja Sama’ja
  13. Hariya’nvii Sama’ja
  14. Gar’hwa’lii/ Gar’hva’lii Sama’ja
  15. Kuma’yunii Sama’ja
  16. Asi Punja’bii Sama’ja
  17. Sirmaorii Sama’ja
  18. Pahar’ii Sama’ja
  19. Kinaorii

Why the EU matters

Is there life for capitalists after the present, ill-fated EU? Of course there is, if they choose to abide by harmonious humanity and not rampant individualism. PROUT points to a true European and global socio-economic renaissance of welfare and progress for all.

​Photo: From an anti-EU rally in Athens, Greece.

By Trond Øverland

The European Union (EU) matters because Europe …

The Responsibility of Society

By P.R. Sarkar

(June 1960) – The essence of the parallel psychic waves of society is determined by the medium [average degree] of the following factors:

  1. a common language;
  2. similar manners and customs;
  3. a similar mode of living;
  4. similar traditions;
  5. racial similarity;
  6. religious similarity;
  7. a common culture; and
  8. a common objective or goal.

Unfortunately, these factors are generally neglected at …

The Spirit of Society

By P.R. Sarkar

The spirit of the word Samája (society) signifies a group of people who move together. All are not of equal strength or intellect. Hence the shortcomings in one must be compensated for by another. Different people have varying abilities: some have physical strength but no brains; others have the brains but not the strength to work; and …

Ideological Foundations of Progressive Socialism – 4

World Habitat

By P.R. Sarkar

Every atom and molecule of this universe is the common property of all living beings. This has to be recognized as a matter of principle. After recognizing this fact, statements such as, “This is indigenous and that is foreign”, “So-and-so is qualified for the citizenship of such-and-such country while others are not” and, “Such-and-such community …

The Practical Approach

P.R. Sarkar
Human beings are not yet looking towards the actual maladies that afflict society. Various occupational groups have formed societies and associations based solely on a sense of individual or group interest. Consequently they try to solve every social problem only from the perspective of their own interests. They do not want to help solve the problems of the …

Rational Society

(PROUT Globe) – Human beings share a fair number of mental characteristics. One is that they degrade by heeding debasing instincts and sentiments. Another is the sentiment to live together and not alone. These two basic traits of human mind make for some thinking in socio-economic and political fields. We want to live together and in order to do it …

The Importance of Society

(1978) – Samánam ejati iti samájah: “Society is the collective movement of a group of individuals who have made a unanimous decision to move together towards a common goal.” When the members of a society come to a unanimous decision, “We’ll move together, we’ll live together in good times or bad,” then their collective movement is known as Samaj …