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Asomiya Samaj – A New Socio-Economic Movement for the People of Assam

By Dr Dhruba Hojai,
Guwahati, India

The Asomiya Samaj emblem
​The Asomiya Samaj emblem
A new "God-centred" socio-economic movement in the name and style of Asomiya Samaj for the progress and prosperity of Assam, India, will be floated very soon. The Asomiya Samaj is one of the 266 samajas of this planet and 48 samajas of Bharat Varsha (India) respectively as propounded by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, otherwise …

Krishnanagar Prout UTC

Picture above: A section of the audience enjoying the street theatre performance of Mukta Bhumir Meye ("Daughters of Liberated Land") downtown Krishnanagar during the Prout UTC

(Krishnanagar, 21 December) – A five-day Prout utilisation camp (UTC) was conducted at Krishnanagar in Nadia District, West Bengal from 17 to 21 December. More than 300 students, youth, Prout leaders (BPs, UBPs and various committee …

10 Points Demand Presented at 6000 Strong Amra Bengali Meet

Photo above: Amra Bengali crowd at Dharmtala, Kolkata

(Kolkata, 19 November 2015) – The socio-economico-cultural movement Amra Bengali (AB) declared the rudimentals of its program platform when presenting a 10 points demand at a public meeting at Dharmtala, downtown Kolkata. The demand included:

  1. Like Marathi, Punjabi, Jats, and Tamils are given respective homelands in the federated structure of India, Bengalis should

Successful PROUT Field Effort in Midnapur, WB

Picture above: The PROUT Parikrama at Goaltor village, Midnapur District, West Bengal

(PROUT Globe) – A four-day Prout Parikrama ("moving around") in Midnapur district of West Bengal was held to promote Prout in this significant cadre-producing district. The Parikrama started on 12th October from the Kerani tala Ananda Marga School campus. A motorcade of five four-wheelers and a bus carrying …

Assam Needs a Second Cultural Renaissance

Photo: Women dancing during Assam's annual Rongali Bihu spring festival

By Dr Dhruba Hojai

Assam is a land of rich cultural heritage.The features of offering Tamulpan (betel nuts with betel leaves), Horai (brass plate on a long stand) and Gamocha (a locally woven cloth) are three important symbolic elements which are unique to Assamese culture.

The famous Vaishanav Movement, a …

Samajas of India

The below linked document (pdf) gives an outline of some samajas of India. It was published by the New Delhi Prout Research Institute. In spite of numerous inaccuracies as regards the detailed blocks and districts (and the fact that new districts and blocks have been created since this review was carried out), to the knower of India's languages, various cultural expressions and socio-economic potentialities …

The Proutist Samaj Movement

By  Dr. Dhruba Hojai

DHojaiThe nature of the human mind is expansion. That's why it is restless. It longs for the infinite. The narrow domestic walls of our social and political mindsets are some of the many hindrances to the universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

"There is an urgent cry for moralists to unite."

Poet Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel laureate, wrote …

Drive for Industrialization of Agriculture of Poor

Picture above: Kannada samaj leader Ghanesh Bhat (right) at a farmers meeting at Allapur, Hubli in Karnataka, India.

The Kannada samaj-movement of Karnataka, India, focusses on generating awareness among farmers about giving industrial status to agriculture. Kannada representatives are conducting meetings in villages and interacting with farmers.

“Though there are hundreds of problems faced by farmers, we are focusing on …

News Clippings of Amra Bangali´s Movement re: Claims for Gorkhaland

“The Gorkhaland movement, which is demanding a few districts in the northern part of West Bengal, has reached a climax. The Gorkhas, who had settled there from outside the state, are now demanding the formation of a separate state by taking advantage of their Indian citizenship. They have launched regular agitations, called strikes, looted, plundered, burnt property, murdered and virtually …

Children of Vena: Fourth World Rising

Adivasi woman and child, Chhattisgarh

When our hearts hearken unto the history of injustice that is metastasizing in our global body politic today what do we learn? We find the greatest crimes are those committed by pseudo-civlizations against indigenous civilizations. The propounder of PROUT, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, developed the novel but natural vision that in fact, civilization does not …