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PROUT, NeoHumanism and Spirituality are Inseparable for a Humane Economics

By Taraka

“People must develop closer and closer links with each other. One heart must gain a warm and deep understanding of another heart.
To make people conscious of their rights in every sphere of life – social, economic, psychic and spiritual – is called jiṋána vistára [expansion of knowledge]; and [for them] to exercise these rights fully is called

Globalization: A Proutistic Review

Members of the Amra Bengali movement in Kolkata protesting proposed legislation that would endanger the Bengali population of Darjeeling, West Bengal.

By Ac. Kalyaneshvarananda Avt.

What is Globalization? The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating internationally, is called globalization.

Globalization increases interaction and integration between people, companies and governments worldwide. Globalization spread …

Economics is not Arthashástra

By Shrii Ganesh Bhat

Arthasha’stra is the equivalent word used in Indian languages for the English word Economics. Both the words are treated as the same by common people, students and teachers as well by experts. Are these words synonyms? Do they express the same idea? Certainly not! The purpose, scope, jurisdiction, arena, periphery and depth of Arthasha’stra are far …

Business People

By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

From "Various Occupations", Human Society Part 1 (1959). Also published in Prout in a Nutshell Volume 1 Part 3, in Supreme Expression Volume 2, and in The Great Universe: Discourses on Society.

Is the medical profession alone floundering in the quagmire of sin? No. Delve into the recesses of any business person's mind and …

The Chinese Swap

[PROUT Globe, January 2015] – The shift from a US-dominated world economy to a Chinese-dominated one will lead to a transfer of global power to previously industrialised underdeveloped countries.

In Africa, Chinese “swap” dynamics are now stimulating a number of economies, where Zimbabwe and Ghana are already using the yuan as part of their reserve currency.

China has also begun …

Marketing Progressive Economics

masscapitalismMass Capitalism; A Blueprint for Economic Revival. Apek Mulay. Book Publishers Network, 2014. 242 pages. $15.57 paperback, $9.99 Kindle Get it at Amazon

By Trond Overland

Semiconductor expert Apek Mulay may have been a naughty child. His own mother may or may not agree but Mr. Mulay still appears to be mischievous today. In Mass Capitalism, A Blueprint for Economic Revival

What Is Economics

By T N Das

“PROUT involves a revolutionary transformation of the world and mystical love involves the merger of both in the inundation of Bliss or infinite happiness. In this article we will explore the roots of economics by examining the meaning of the English term “economics”, as well as the Sanskrit term artha. Through this we will discover …