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Lateral Entry Door for Private Sector Specialists in Government – A Disaster for India

By Dr. Susmit Kumar (IAS)

As per a Niti Aayog proposal, 50 specialists from the Indian private sector are to be inducted in government departments at the level of director and joint secretary (Government to open lateral entry door for private sector specialists, The Economics Times/PTI, July 23, 2017).

This will be a disaster for India because the ultimate …

The Hidden Cost of Imported Items and The Need to Redefine the Modi Administration’s “Make in India” Policy

By Susmit Kumar, PhD

If you live in India and purchase a "Made in China" commodity instead of "Made-in-India" commodity, then your home country loses not only a factory job but also indirectly associated jobs such as in schools, hospitals, and auto sector. Instead your purchase of the imported commodity creates such lost jobs in China."

There are two major …

Samajas of India

The below linked document (pdf) gives an outline of some samajas of India. It was published by the New Delhi Prout Research Institute. In spite of numerous inaccuracies as regards the detailed blocks and districts (and the fact that new districts and blocks have been created since this review was carried out), to the knower of India's languages, various cultural expressions and socio-economic potentialities …

Greater Bengal

By P.R. Sarkar

(3 January 1989, Anandanagar) – The Bengali race, which is a blending of the Austric, Mongolian and Negroid races, was created about 5000 years ago. Saḿskrta was the language of the land of Bengal before 5000 years ago, hence Saḿskrta is the guiding language of Bengali. The Bengali language underwent a transformation about 1200 years ago. At …

Northeastern India

By P.R. Sarkar

(20 April 1989, Kolkata) – The northeastern region of India comprises Assam, Arunachala, Mizoram, Meghalay, Manipur and Nagaland. To the noith of India are the small states of Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim.

The shape of Nepal is like a rectangle – the length from east to west is greater than the width from north to south. Nepal is