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Samajas of the South Asian Subcontinent

All Bharata Varsha samajas (click image)

Samajas of Central South Asia

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  1. Amra’ Banga’lii Sama’ja
  2. Angika Sama’ja
  3. Maethilii Sama’j
  4. Pragatishiila Magahii Sama’ja
  5. Pragatishiila Bhojpurii Sama’ja
  6. Na’gpuriya’ Sama’ja
  7. Utkal Sama’ja
  8. Koshal Sama’ja
  9. Bodo Sama’ja
  10. Assa’m Unnayan Sama’ja
  11. Avadhii Sama’ja
  12. Braja Sama’ja
  13. Hariya’nvii Sama’ja
  14. Gar’hwa’lii/ Gar’hva’lii Sama’ja
  15. Kuma’yunii Sama’ja
  16. Asi Punja’bii Sama’ja
  17. Sirmaorii Sama’ja
  18. Pahar’ii Sama’ja
  19. Kinaorii

Globalization: A Proutistic Review

Members of the Amra Bengali movement in Kolkata protesting proposed legislation that would endanger the Bengali population of Darjeeling, West Bengal.

By Ac. Kalyaneshvarananda Avt.

What is Globalization? The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating internationally, is called globalization.

Globalization increases interaction and integration between people, companies and governments worldwide. Globalization spread …

The time of business as usual is at an end

[March 2018] – The time of business as usual is at an end, says New Zealander Bruce Dyer.

The founder of Nelson’s Enterprise Loan Trust says capitalism is failing society, a view echoed by NZ’s deputy prime minister Winston Peters who recently stated “Far too many New Zealanders have come to view today’s capitalism, not as their friend, but as …

Dignified Socio-economies Both Closed and Open

By Trond Øverland

Keywords: Protectionism, free trade, national capitalism, Prout.

Whenever someone mentions “the economy”, many of us actually think of “our society and its economy”. It is hard for most people to separate “economy” from “society”. We often hear about fluctuating interest rates, unemployment figures, retail prices, and stock exchange markets, but all the while we wonder how such …

PROUT, Neohumanism and Self-reliance

By Krsnadeva
The implementation of such vast ideas as the end to exploitation and the establishment of PROUT has to be adjusted with present conditions. The reality is that on our present course 100 species of animals and plants are becoming extinct each day, some even before they are discovered.

Four thousand square meters of rainforest are destroyed every second. …

PROUT and Employment: Balanced Economy, Self-reliance and Cooperatives

A PROUT Globe presentation
In many undeveloped and developing countries of the world there is excessive population pressure on agriculture. It is improper if more than forty-five percent of the population is employed in agriculture.

In villages and small towns pre- and post harvest industries should be developed on the basis of the socio-economic potential of the region. Various other …