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The Weakening of Political Democracy and the Prospects of Economic Fairness

By Trond Øverland

All over the world over, economic are getting worse for most of us. Everywhere we see the same scenario: disappearing well paid jobs which results in less purchasing capacity. When most of the fit population no longer have a decent income, they will neither be able to fend for themselves nor contribute to the economy. Due to …

Elevating Backward Classes

Shrii Prabhat Ranijan Sarkar
June 1979, Calcutta

Throughout the world many groups of people are in urgent need of relief. They are suffering from physical, psychic and spiritual deprivation because the different socio-economic systems in vogue only pander to particular sections of society, neglecting those in need and society as a whole.

Marxism, for example, divides society into the capitalists …

No Gorkhaland in Bengal; Amra Bengali Youth

[Siliguri, 19 July 2017] – More than 5000 supporters of the Amra Bengali movement gathered at Siliguri, braving all the obstacles and brought out an impressive procession to protest against the heinous conspiracy to break Bengal and India with the tacit support of China.

The most important feature of the gathering was the fighting spirit and unfathomable inspiration that the …

The Wording of the Five Fundamental Principles of Prout

Dear reader,

For nearly 40 years, someone has been trying to replace Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar's original English wording of the fundamental principles of PROUT with his own "translation from Ananda Sutram". In recent years, this proposed rewording has seeped into a couple of publications and Prout training in Denmark and other places.

The attempted rewording of Prout changes the theory …

Sarkar on Free Trade

First, there should be a free trade system so that overproduction can be consumed by other countries or other economic units. In India, excepting the Punjab and Haryana, there is underproduction of milk. In other states, common people cannot get a sufficient amount of milk. But there are many countries, such as certain European countries, where there is overproduction of …

Business People

By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

From "Various Occupations", Human Society Part 1 (1959). Also published in Prout in a Nutshell Volume 1 Part 3, in Supreme Expression Volume 2, and in The Great Universe: Discourses on Society.

Is the medical profession alone floundering in the quagmire of sin? No. Delve into the recesses of any business person's mind and …

Human Progress

By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

To get protection and to enjoy the manifested universe of the Supreme Entity is the birthright of each and every being.

There are three fundamental strata in the manifest universe: physical, metaphysical and causal. Over and above, there is one transcendental sphere. Such are the three strata in the human entity, too: crude, subtle and …