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Cooperative vs. Private Sector

Prout recognises that private sector economy has had an enormous appeal to industrious people, providing for significant industrial-economic output under capitalism. A typical idea is that the collective would hold back or drain efficient and creative dynamics, which are among the hallmarks of many successful entrepreneurs.
Still, Prout's three-tiered economic system views the cooperative sector as the largest and central,

Jeff Bezos’ $194 Billion – Based on the Ashes of Millions of Good Paying US Jobs and 100,000s of US Manufacturing Units, Enriching US Frankenstein China

By Dr. Susmit Kumar

In 1994 Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos from his garage in Bellevue, Washington. The company initially was an online marketplace for books. Gradually it now sells nearly everything. Due to record Amazon profits and its share price, Jeff Bezos was nearly worth $194 billion in early 2024. He has been also credited for creating 100,000s …

Emerging from Oppression: The Revolutionary Triumph, the Pitfalls, and How to Finish the Work

Ácárya Acyutánanda Avadhúta

Using few words, Shrii P.R Sarkar has given us a vivid picture of the thousands of years of oppression of women in patriarchal society:

“Because such injustices continued for a long time, women developed an inferiority complex and a sense of despair. Who can count the millions of women who have spent sleepless nights weeping their grief


The following contains two chapters of Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar’s Ráŕh: The Cradle of Civilization (Kolkata 1981), along with maps of Rarh and Western Rarh.

The Primeval Land of Ráŕh

There was a great ocean, its surface agitated by rows of towering waves, an ocean which had neither name nor gotra [clan]. Who was there to name it, who …

Was Mars Born from the Earth?

Richard Gauthier


“As per old astronomy and also astrology, Mars (like the Moon) also came out of this Earth,” according to Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar. “But it didn’t move around the Earth as its satellite. It started moving around the sun and became a planet.” This comment came in a 1986 discourse “The poles shift their respective positions” that is …

Prout At a Glance

Shortly before His departure Shri Prabhát Ranjan Sarkár (1922-1990) observed, “Economics today is a theoretical extravaganza. It should be made more practical.” He was of the view that economics must be a precise, practical science and should be properly developed for the welfare of all. Shri Sarkar’s writings on Prout are contained in the 21 volumes of the ‘Prout in …

The Evolution of Morality

By Prabhákar T. Överland

The roots of morality may be found in primitive life. Prior to humans, developed animals have formed families and societies based on physical needs. The existential mainstays of animal life are very basic or even crude: foraging for food, sleeping, procreating and survival, and the means to sustain them may be even cruder: tearing opponents and …

The One Problem

At times, one problem blocks the solution to other problems. If we could solve only a single problem of the Ukraine crisis, which would it be?

The acute problem is that nobody is able to stop a power-crazed leader from going to war. The world lacks a strong, unifying institution that not only states that war is illegal, but also …