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Liberation of Intellect – the Foundation of Education, PROUT Revolution, NeoHumanism and Spiritual Practice

By Taraka

All philosophies believe in the improvement, enlightenment or liberation of the Human Intellect. Even a materialist philosophy like capitalism believes that people should be taught skills so that they can be used by the capitalists to make money. Even a materialist philosophy like state capitalism (communism) believes that people should realize how they are being exploited so that …

PROUT, NeoHumanism and Spirituality are Inseparable for a Humane Economics

By Taraka

“People must develop closer and closer links with each other. One heart must gain a warm and deep understanding of another heart.
To make people conscious of their rights in every sphere of life – social, economic, psychic and spiritual – is called jiṋána vistára [expansion of knowledge]; and [for them] to exercise these rights fully is called


By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar
The following is the first of 31 chapters of Shrii Sarkar's book Rarh: The Cradle of Civilization, Ananda Marga Publications.

There was a great ocean, its surface agitated by rows of towering waves, an ocean which had neither name nor gotra [clan]. Who was there to name it, who was there to tell others …

When P.R. Sarkar Was Asked about Abortion

Above: A human embryo photographed 9-10 weeks old

By Ácárya Acyutánanda Avadhúta

In April 2015, a five-minute audio recording of the voice of Shrii P.R. Sarkar [bottom of page] came to the surface. The circumstances were odd: it was uploaded by a conspiracy theorist who claims to be an Ananda Margi; a well-known figure on the internet but shadowy as …

Samajas of Suvarnabhumi – Southeast Asia

Maharlika Samajas

  1. Tampuyong
  2. Cordillera
  3. Luzon
  4. Ang Makata
  5. Kasaru
  6. Kaigsuonang Sugbuhanon
  7. Kaliwat
  8. Waray Tupong
  9. Panaghugpong Mindanaw

Samajas of Indonesia

  1. Bali
  2. Jawa
  3. Sunda
  4. Madura
  5. Minangkabau
  6. Bugin
  7. Banjara
  8. Palembang
  9. Aceh
  10. Sasak
  11. Batak
  12. Makassar
  13. Jambi
  14. Gorontalo
  15. Dayak
  16. Li Niha
  17. Taeʼ
  18. Mangarrai
  19. Atoni
  20. Rejang
  21. Tetum
  22. Brunei
  23. Wilayat Sulawesi
  24. Wilayat Kalimantan Utara
  25. Wilayah Nusa Tenggara
  26. Wilayat Maluku
  27. Timor Leste

Samajas of Malaysia

  1. Malaya
  2. Singapore

Samajas of

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Samajas of the South Asian Subcontinent

All Bharata Varsha samajas (click image)

Socio-economic units should be formed throughout the world on the basis of same economic problems, uniform economic potentialities, ethnic similarities, common sentimental legacy and similar geographical features. … Socio-economic units will have to adopt economic decentralization so that the local people will be able to obtain all the requirements necessary for their physical, psychic

Capitalism 19 Virus

A Prout Globe comment

China and India are heading towards an elephantine showdown. Both powers may aspire to be the sovereign power of Asia, if not of the world. The ailing US somehow sees an opportunity in actively supporting India against China.

The US is the embodiment of global capitalism. Despite being in shambles economically, socially, and politically, the US …