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Capitalism 19 Virus

A Prout Globe comment

China and India are heading towards an elephantine showdown. Both powers may aspire to be the sovereign power of Asia, if not of the world. The ailing US somehow sees an opportunity in actively supporting India against China.

The US is the embodiment of global capitalism. Despite being in shambles economically, socially, and politically, the US …

Why the EU matters

Is there life for capitalists after the present, ill-fated EU? Of course there is, if they choose to abide by harmonious humanity and not rampant individualism. PROUT points to a true European and global socio-economic renaissance of welfare and progress for all.

​Photo: From an anti-EU rally in Athens, Greece.

By Trond Øverland

The European Union (EU) matters because Europe …

“A debt is a debt and it is a contract.”

Pictured above: IMF’s Christine Lagarde

On Monday the Jubilee Debt Campaign, an organization which campaigns against “unjust debts” said that its analysis of IMF figures showed that almost all of the money lent by the IMF, and Europe to Greece has been used to pay off “reckless lenders, with less than 10 percent of it actually reaching the Greek people.”…

Administration and Taxation

fox2(PROUT Globe, 18 June, 2013) – The Times of India has launched a campaign for letting corporate leaders have a say in how taxpayers’ money is spent. The initiative comes in the wake of increased taxes on businesses and booming bureaucracy spending. The proposal’s main argument is that the Indian state bureaucracy is inefficient and expensive, and that instead of …

A Very Greek Tragedy

Originally published May 28, 2011.

By Trond Overland
The Beauty of Greece, currently playing in Europe, tells the story of Lady Greece of noble heritage who has taken to prostitution because a gang leader she fell in love with, Capitalism, is really a pimp. When the scandal breaks, her family go out of their way to save their reputation. …

Ship going down!

The Titanic of global capitalism has started to sink. The creaks and bangs of the gigantic ship breaking up, the shouts and howls of confused crew and desperate passengers, the incessant feed of nonsensical messages over loudspeakers, will continue to rouse general panic for some more time. In the end nothing can save the enormous structure from the very icy

Close Down All Stock Exchanges For Good

(PROUT Globe) – The concentration of great wealth beyond the influence of ordinary citizens is at the heart of the mounting difficulties that now make global capitalism look like the Nexus of Evil. As a first step towards establishing a real economy of real people, stock exchanges and their exploitative trading tools should be banned.

In a seminal discourse in …

A European Tobin Tax: Charity For Whom?

(September 28, 2011) – The so-called Tobin tax proposed today by the EU Commissioner Mr. Barroso may be seen by some as an attempt at infusing an element of “mixed economy” and even humanity into the heartless world of finance. “Such a measure, already supported by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, is long overdue,” …