Gurukula: What the World Needs Now

Human beings are similar to plants in that they require a proper environment in order to grow and blossom. Plants require soil, light and water. Children require love to grow into their full potential. In our educational institutions therefore love should be supplied generously from the nursery onwards.

Already in the kindergarten, curricula should rely on proper human sentiments expressing a spiritual approach with sound objective adjustment. (See the info-video on such children’s education below.)

The idea of ecology is a good example of how spiritual culture may flourish. The basic reality of ecology is the inter-connectedness of all things. Ecology attempts to put that universal fact into constructive action. When this sort of integrated approach is expanded to embrace all living beings and their various needs and requirements in all spheres of existence, it amounts to something more than humanism. We are obliged to call it Neohumanism.

In order to sustain both our own environment and the conditions and prospects of all living beings we have to put into practice the ancient wisdom: “As you sow, so shall you reap”. The child is the parent of the adult. Ideas of spiritual-oriented humanism, without limiting and divisive concepts, without dogmas, will liberate the toddler and the young to emerge as truly ecologically grown-up human beings.

The yearning to realize the interconnectedness of all life – physically, mentally, spiritually – must be given sufficient scope throughout the social, cultural, economic, political. Our world does require universal acceptance of spirituality in practice, a renaissance of love.

This is not a romantic sentiment only. In fact our unhinged world is in urgent need of more expansive sentiments than mere allegiance to one’s own locality, group and status only. Still, the world will continue to be a tough place that requires us to be firm and unyielding. Let us be firm and unyielding in our continued effort to make everybody’s existence always sweeter and more deeply rewarding.


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