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The Forging of the Sadvipra: Tantra, Bhakti and PROUT

The Progressive Utilization Theory or PROUT is indeed a unique socio-economic and political paradigm due to its spiritual foundation. This foundation does not lie in religious beliefs or commands. Rather the foundation is personal experience attained via Tantra meditation.

The first discourses of Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar mentioning PROUT were given in the treatise, Idea and Ideology, which was primarily …

The Forging of the Sadvipra. 3. DEVA

How do we define a Tantric as a Deva or divine personality – what are the external criteria. Shrii Sarkar explains:

When ideology is totally reflected in a personality, that very personality is worshipped as a divine personality, a god. Ordinary people follow His instructions; they want to be guided by His will, because they experience bliss by moving in

The Forging of the Sadvipra: 2. VIIRA

With the attainment of the status of a viira, Tantra begins to blossom in one’s life. To become a hero means to become a leader through dedication, sincerity, ideological zeal, fighting spirit and all-round capacity. Such heroes are physically fit, mentally developed and spiritually elevated. People will recognize such proto-Sadvipras by their exemplary conduct, selfless service, dutifulness and moral integrity. …

The Forging of the Sadvipra: 1. PASHU

The first level of the Tantra aspirant is that of an animal. The Hitopadesha explains this state saying,

Áhára nidrá bhaya maethunaiṋca sámányametad pashubhiirnaránám;
Dharmo hi teśamadhiko visheśo dharmena hiináh pashubhih sámánáh.
(Hitopadesha 25)
[Food, sleep, fear and mating, these acts of humans are similar to animals. Of them (humans), Dharma (righteous conduct rooted in spirituality) is the only special …

Revolutionaries Should Practice Yoga

By Trond Øverland
Written for Prout (Delhi)

As is commonly known, the job of revolutionaries is most challenging. They have to deal with all three aspects of time in quick succession. Revolutions are processes of rapid change driven by pressing, irresistible forces. If revolutionaries cannot move swiftly from the past towards the future, they might end up as the proverbial …

Synthesis and Analysis

By P.R. Sarkar

synthana(1958) – Human beings have an inherent and limitless desire for all-round victory in all spheres of life. In any sphere of life, important or unimportant, it is unthinkable that people will be content to lead insignificant lives. The idea of moving along a set path, eternally subservient to nature, has always been repugnant to human psychology. …

The Man and the Ideology

By P.R. Sarkar

(4 May 1986, Kalikata) – The Sanskrit word kulála means a person who maintains an intellectual speciality as far as the artistic, intellectual or ideological aspects of life are concerned.* Such a person moves ahead towards their cherished goal according to their own individual plan. Many people are frightened of individuality or scientific planning. The upholders of …

Leadership and Personality Cult

By P.R. Sarkar

(6 March 1988, Calcutta) – You all know that living beings are divided into two categories. Some live in isolation and some live collectively. For example, common domestic animals are individualistic by nature. They are very self-centered. One animal does not usually come to the aid of another. Domestic animals are neither sincere nor devoted to their …