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From Cardinal Values to Ananda Parivara

Since the start of this century, we see a global erosion of basic civil liberties in countries across the globe. This has gone hand-in-hand with the increasing dominance of society by extreme beliefs, repression of minorities, economic inequality and war. In such a situation the question of World Government becomes inevitable. The ruling capitalists want a global government with a …

Revolutionaries Should Practice Yoga

By Trond Øverland
Written for Prout (Delhi)

As is commonly known, the job of revolutionaries is most challenging. They have to deal with all three aspects of time in quick succession. Revolutions are processes of rapid change driven by pressing, irresistible forces. If revolutionaries cannot move swiftly from the past towards the future, they might end up as the proverbial …

The Uplifting Effects of Vidya Tantra

By Dr Dhruba Hojai

In the Ananda Marga system there are six lessons in meditation. One cannot go to the next higher lesson unless and until the groundwork is prepared in the lower lessons. Each lesson is related to the chakras (nerve plexuses) of the spinal chord which awakens with the practice of spiritual meditation. It is saddening to note …

Religions Today Have Outlived Their Utility

By Dr. Dhruba Hojai

Mankind has suffered more in the name of religions than any other cause. The First Crusade (1096-1099) was followed by the Second to the Ninth Crusades to recapture the Holy Lands. It started as a widespread pilgrimage in western christendom and ended as a military expedition by Roman Catholic Europe to regain the Holy Lands. The …

Taraka Brahma

Image above: The Mahabharata (Great India) epos has enhtralled Indians for thousands of years with its dramatic saga of struggle between good and evil centering on its protagonist in excelsis Lord Krsna, the Taraka Brahma of the era. The above rendering in medieval style displays the scene when Lord Krsna expounds the timeless teachings of the Bhagavad Giita, a 

Values for Another World

By Trond Øverland

What would be the value-building blocks of a society where 100% – and not only the 1% – flourish and progress in all possible ways?

“The synthesis of self-realization and service provides a sound base for progress and dynamism.”

Today most of us live in a capitalist world where profits, concentration of wealth in the hands of …

The Rise of Spiritual-Centered Social Philosophy

By Ravi Logan

There are four basic psychological orientations that are found to lie behind humanity’s various philosophies: dogma-centered, matter-centered, self-centered, and spirit-centered. Many religious philosophies are dogma-centered. Materialist philosophies are matter-centered. Philosophies that stress self-interest and personal enjoyment and accumulation are self-centered. And philosophies that treat the world as sacred, that acknowledge wholeness, and that value inner realization are …