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Values for Another World

By Trond Øverland

What would be the value-building blocks of a society where 100% – and not only the 1% – flourish and progress in all possible ways?

“The synthesis of self-realization and service provides a sound base for progress and dynamism.”

Today most of us live in a capitalist world where profits, concentration of wealth in the hands of …

The Rise of Spiritual-Centered Social Philosophy

By Ravi Logan

There are four basic psychological orientations that are found to lie behind humanity’s various philosophies: dogma-centered, matter-centered, self-centered, and spirit-centered. Many religious philosophies are dogma-centered. Materialist philosophies are matter-centered. Philosophies that stress self-interest and personal enjoyment and accumulation are self-centered. And philosophies that treat the world as sacred, that acknowledge wholeness, and that value inner realization are …

A Meditation for the 99 Percent

From Dada Krsnasevananda’s presentation at the interfaith “Sermon on the Steps” outside St. Paul’s cathedral, London, 29- October 2011.

We are gathered in the city squares and streets of the world because we are the 99 percent. We have allowed a small minority to dominate us but we are waking up and we will be free. Alongside this struggle we …

The Cosmic Brotherhood

Note: The below is the original discourse where P.R. Sarkar first mentioned PROUT and formulated its five fundamental principles, given on June 5, 1959 in his birthplace Jamalpur, Bihar, India.

P.R. Sarkar
Spirituality is not a utopian ideal but a practical philosophy which can be practised and realized in day-to-day life, however mundane it be. Spirituality stands for evolution and …

The Universal Family

P.R. Sarkar
The Supreme Consciousness is my father and the operative Principle is my mother. The universe is my home and all of us are citizens of this cosmos. This universe is the imagination of the Macrocosmic Mind, and in the extroversive and introversive phases of the cosmic imaginative flow, all entities are being created, preserved and destroyed. In a …