Human Beings of the World, Unite!

P.R. Sarkar
Human longings are infinite. If these infinite human longings are allowed to run after objects of worldly enjoyment, conflict among human beings is bound to take place. As material wealth is limited, over-abundance for one leads to crippling scarcity for others. These infinite human longings can be fulfilled only through psychic and spiritual wealth. The Supreme has generously arranged infinite psychic and spiritual wealth for human beings; humanity will have to properly utilize that wealth.

Unity and benevolent intellect lead human beings towards supreme fulfilment. Reading voluminous treatises on philosophy will be of no use in awakening this benevolent intellect. For this, one will have to sincerely follow Yama and Niyama in individual life. To establish unity, the society will have to select an ideology which remains unassailed by any spatial, temporal or personal differences. That is why only Cosmic ideology will have to be adopted as the polestar of life.

I have already said that those who are established in Yama and Niyama – who are imbued with Cosmic ideation – are genuine sadvipras. They alone can represent human beings. They alone can serve living beings selflessly. People will recognize such sadvipras by their conduct, dedication to selfless service, dutifulness and moral integrity.

These sadvipras will firmly declare, “All human beings belong to one race. Everyone has equal rights. Human beings are brothers and sisters!” These sadvipras will sternly warn the exploiters of society, “The exploitation of human beings cannot be allowed!” and, “Religious hypocrisy cannot be tolerated!” Giving a clarion call to the fragmented human society from beneath the saffron flag, the symbol of service and sacrifice, they will proclaim at the top of their voices, “Human beings of the world, unite!” And they will sing in chorus:

Let us move together, let us radiate the same thought-wave, let
us come to know our minds together,
Let us share our wealth without differentiation, like sages of
the past, so that all may enjoy the universe.
Let our aspirations be united, let our hearts be inseparable,
Let our minds be as one mind, so that we live in harmony and
become one with the Supreme.
(Saḿgacchadhvaḿ saḿvadadhvaḿ saḿ vo manáḿsi jánatám,
Devábhágaḿ yathápúrve saḿjánáná upásate.
Samánii va ákútih samáná hrdayánivah,
Samánamastu vo mano yathá vah susahásati.)

From: Problems of the Day

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