Party Politics

P.R. Sarkar
Party politics is one of the factors which stands, or tries to stand, in the way of human unity. In fact party politics is even more dangerous than disease-causing germs. In party politics all the refined attributes of the human mind, such as simplicity and the spirit of service, slowly but surely get totally destroyed. Party affiliation commands more respect than individual ability; service to self, not service to people, is the main motto; ministerial office, rather than human welfare, is considered superior; and mass deception, political somersaults, etc., are most common phenomena.

Instead of rectifying themselves, politicians want to accomplish everything through their grandiloquence. By identifying the weaknesses in others and by resorting to bombastic language, they incite one section of people against another so that they can usurp the seat of power and cling to it. Human beings will have to remain vigilant against persons of this type.

Politicians want to poke their noses into every aspect of life: social, religious, educational, literary, etc. Under the hypnotic spell of power, politicians remain oblivious of the fact that experience and wisdom in various spheres of life cannot be acquired by merely mouthing high-sounding slogans from public platforms.

Honest and benevolent individuals should carefully steer clear of party politics. The question may arise, In the absence of party politics, will honest individuals succeed on their own in forming governments or in serving the state? Is there any necessity for organized endeavour? In answer to this question I will say that those who are honest, who really want to promote human welfare, and who believe in a world government and the ideals of a blissful, universal family, must possess the spirit of mutual cooperation. They may form themselves into boards exclusively for the purpose of rendering social service collectively (and not for fomenting politics), but it will not be proper for such boards to contest elections.

People should cast their votes for deserving human beings – not for the lamppost holding the party ticket.

To further the interests of the party, party politics may publicly oppose something which is often secretly encouraged. Communalism, provincialism, casteism, etc. – none of these are considered bad for the sake of party interests. The only identity of human beings is that they are humans – living beings. Party politics strives to keep people oblivious of this fact – it tries to pulverize the psychic wealth of human beings under the steamroller of party interests.

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