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A Natural Human Response

[PROUT Globe, September 2015] – The dilemma that refugees spell out for European authorities is significant in numerous ways:

Firstly, the crisis has become really glaring when its major symptom — refugees escaping serious trouble at home — flooded all over the Internet and throughout the media. The daily images of crowds of refugees entering prosperous Europe by land and sea, have led …

Occupy Wall Street and Future Options

By Prof. Dhanjoo N. Ghista

First published in Gurukula Network, November 2011, Issue 33

occupyThis article is offered in support of the people occupying the financial districts in many cities, to voice their repressed unmet needs and their disillusionment with the corporatized capitalist democratic system. Let us remind ourselves that this land does not belong to corporations and political parties. …

Why Occupy?

David D Blessing
(Address to the Occupy Denver, Colorado, USA movement, October 2011) – Thank you for taking the time to hear my concerns. I like many of the people here gathered, am outraged by events of recent history involving the influence of private vested corporate interests over government policy. I feel sickened, ripped off, and abused. I am not …