Ecological Economics: Seeking a Sustainable Society

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Garda Ghista’s Ecological Economics: Seeking a Sustainable Society (pdf 300k)

“In November last year, Jacques Diouf, chief of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, conducted a 24-hour strike cum fast in the lobby of the Rome-based United Nations FAO office to protest and draw attention to the plight of the world’s millions of hungry people. He did this just prior to the United Nations Food Summit, and said that global food output will have to increase by 70 percent to feed 9.1 billion by 2050. Negotiations that took place over the next two days which showed a singular reluctant and noncommital stance by wealthy nations to feed the world’s poor by the proposed deadline of 2025. In fact, very few heads of state even bothered to attend the summit. Perhaps they see hunger as an unsolvable problem and up to a billion human beings as expendable on this populated planet. However, it is not unsolvable. With proper economic and ecological steps, the problem of hunger can certainly be relegated to the history museum. Let us explore the steps required to reach this noble goal, beginning with a perusal of what ecological economics is all about …”

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