Amra Bangali

Amra Bangali (“We are Bengalis!”) is a people’s movement in India, a Proutistic samaj movement based on the values and objectives of PROUT.

Amra Bangali mobilising in Darjeeling, West Bengal NEWS CLIPPINGS

The Amra Bangali movement is wedded to the idea that the quality of life of poor people will only improve only when people are encouraged to attend to their own socio-economic and cultural needs first in a manner that efficiently and sustainably utilizes local natural resources, establishes local economic control, and puts and end to the various forms of direct and indirect foreign exploitation and drain of resources out of the local area.

The program of Amra Bangali is based on PROUT’s:

The movement is organized in West Bengal, as well as in other states with large Bengali populations such as Tripura, Bihar, Orissa, Assam and Jharkhand.

The aims and objects of Amra Bangali are:

  • Restoration and development of Bengali language and culture;
  • Economic self-sufficiency;
  • Self-determination in socio-political field;
  • Re-organization of the territory of Bengal with all like-minded people who have respect for Bengali language and culture, and giving the new name Bangalistan to this territory.

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