Amra Bangali

Amra Bangali (“We are Bengalis!”) is a people’s movement in India, a Proutistic samaj movement based on the values and objectives of PROUT.

Amra Bangali mobilising in Darjeeling, West Bengal NEWS CLIPPINGS

The Amra Bangali movement is wedded to the idea that the quality of life of poor people will only improve only when people are encouraged to attend to their own socio-economic and cultural needs first in a manner that efficiently and sustainably utilizes local natural resources, establishes local economic control, and puts and end to the various forms of direct and indirect foreign exploitation and drain of resources out of the local area.

The program of Amra Bangali is based on PROUT’s:

The movement is organized in West Bengal, as well as in other states with large Bengali populations such as Tripura, Bihar, Orissa, Assam and Jharkhand.

The aims and objects of Amra Bangali are:

  • Restoration and development of Bengali language and culture;
  • Economic self-sufficiency;
  • Self-determination in socio-political field;
  • Re-organization of the territory of Bengal with all like-minded people who have respect for Bengali language and culture, and giving the new name Bangalistan to this territory.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Anand Marg is an all-india religious organization, not specific to Bangali people then why Anand Marg has estalished amra bangali.Amra bangali is not noticed in West Bengal,why? people like me who happens to be Bengali Nationalist feel hesitant to join Amra Bangali because of the above mentioned reasons.Moreover,why Amra bangali does not have a proper website and presence in Kolkata, centre of bengali’s struggle.Pls reply

    1. me also support the concept of economic democracy and unification of bengalis in india. But there is no presence of this party in kolkata or no website. how can i connect with this party? please inform..

      1. Amra Bangali is a unique samaj movement formed on the lines of Shri P.R.Sarkar otherwise known by his spiritual name Shri Shri Anandamurtiji’s unique philosophy.The devotees of Ananda Marga call Him ‘Baba’.Anandamurtiji has divided the world into 266 socioeconomic zones or samajas for their respective socioeconomic and spiritual developments.Every individual living in a particular samaj,whether one belongs to any other samaj must merge into the samaj in which he is living in for the welfare of the particular samaj and himself.That is nature.
        Eastern India has been divided into the Bangla samaj,the Oriya samaj,the Asomia samaj,the Bodo samaj and the Lepcha samaj by Shri Shri Anandamurtiji.The Bangla samaj is passing through a very bad patch as the Bangalis have been divided by caste,creed,religion and particularly petty politics.Movements for Bangali unity are now being felt in West Bengal,Bangladesh,Tripura and Cachar.The socioeconomic,cultural and spiritual development of the Bangalis are possible only when we shed our caste,creed,religion and petty political mind sets and merge into one samaj which is the Bangla samaj.There are 266 samajas to be uplifted in the world for the good of mankind.So,why not start the humble beginning of uplifting our own Bangla samaj ? That is why Amra Bangali movement was started.Please read P.R.Sarkar’s books and join in the movement.

  2. In the last moment of the colonial rule in India,few political and social leaders of undivided Bangla tried to keep it as a unified body,but failed.Later on in 1971 the Eastern part of divided Bangla became a New Nation called Bangladesh.

    I feel it is an useful blog for the glorious past of the people on this land.Thanks to Dr.Dhruba Hojal for his good writing.

    Sheikh Ahmed           

  3. Amra Bangali organisation ki sudhu kaguje andolan karbe. Airakam movement hole bangali antarjali jatra hoye jabe. Jodio antarjali jatrar dike paa barieche. jodi truely bangalir o banglar valo chan tabe asun amara trulely andolon kari o kaj kari. Kumirer kanna darkar nei.

  4. Sir, do something for bangali jati. Please united bengali and organised a movement against abangali who have occupied the business through illegal process with help of bengali political leaders and officers in Bengal. Please organised a team who look after  the Bangali who do want to business. Without money donot progress the jati and culture.

  5. Why don't we see you people around doing something when West Bengal is continuously being infested with savage non Bengalis, who are up in arms in running over our land , culture, language and most important socio economic structure? They have infiltrated Bengal politics whereas in the neighbouring states, where Bengalis once took education and culture, they have almost killed every Bengali Political workers and even MPs and MLAs with complete impunity.

    You don't have any mass awareness programme to instil hopes in Bengalis like us who feel alienated day by day fearing, that a day is but too near when we the Bengalis become a Minority in West Bengal.


  6. i am english medium school a principal i had visited most of the i had a better experience, now i am in kolkata ,i wanted to do some positive work for the bengalies,

  7. The time has come to open the AMRA BANGALI umbrella widely. People will take shelter under it. Otherwise this state will be captured by the people of other state.

  8. Amra Bangali is the only organisation who have been vocal to the injustice meted to the Bangali of North East especially in MEGHALAYA since 1979. The ethnic cleansing continues very systematically with tacit support from the parties in power… Abusive comments like Kharbang, Dkhar, are in the vocabulary of all Khasis. Inspite of contributing to the socio cultural,economic development in MEGHALAYA we are denigrated as outsiders. All opportunities for domicile Bangali are constricted in the name of saving the Khasi Jaitbynriew. Bangali are made the scapegoat to achieve any political motive…sacrificial goat. Bangali are forced to pay cash money to KHASI STUDENTS UNION (KSU) as secret tax the organization which forments anti Bangali feelings. The extorted money is used against the Bangali to live in fear. Time has come we have to stand-up against the injustice and explain the Khasis residing in West Bengal, Cachar to counsel the Khasis Student Union to stop such atrocities like stabbing killing the innocent. We must continue our protests in front of MEGHALAYA House etc. We may give memorandum to our Bangali MP and put pressure democratically to stop atrocities on Non Tribal especially Bangali.

  9. I and so many friends of me want to join Amra Bangla Organisation to restore the Bengali language and Bengali culture and to do positive work for Bengalies . Please inform me the address and contact number of above organisation.

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