PROUT Alone Brings Sampurna Swaraj

India: the Political Deal

By Taraka

Since the dawn of society people have longed for a real community where they would live with love and peace and where all the talents and dreams of every person would blossom. Taking advantage of this longing in the human heart various exploiters have used ideologies to fool people into keeping them in control of the majority of the world’s wealth. Between 2004-2013, the United States pocketed $7.8 trillion dollars from the poorest countries. The other rich countries also do this. And in India the Marwaris, Gujaratis and also similarly rob the other Samajas of India. The Marwaris were robbing India under the Mughals, under the British, under the Congress and now under the BJP they directly control the country. A bania (Gandhi) and a brahmin (Nehru) founded modern India. Unsurprisingly, nearly every single large business company in India is controlled by brahmins and banias who are less than 5% of the Indian population.

Bihar has been robbed since Independence. In none of the 5 year plans did Bihar get its fair share of India’s resources. To keep Bihar from revolting, the outsider exploiters have brought religious and caste clashes to Bihar. Even from South India religious extremists were brought in the last election to make Biharis hate and fight each other. And the irony is that it was the people who preach hate against that religion who brought their so-called enemy religious extremists to Bihar. In reality both religions work together under the capitalists.

Bihar was the famous land where there was no casteism and superstition and where rationality alone was accepted. This has been lost at the end of the Buddhist age when the Magadha empire fell and the Aryan religion was imposed by force upon Bihar. The Mughal and British invaders continued this exploitation. And India today is ruled by the capitalists who helped the British rob India and Bihar. Modern Indian capitalists in the last 60 years have destroyed the languages and culture of Bihar. Bollywood morality is all that is left. Everyone knows these facts but still even intelligent people willingly allow themselves to be fooled by False Promises based on failed ideologies. Let us see how this has happened and how PROUT alone can fulfill all promises and bring Sampurna Swaraj.



1) Gandhism promised to the people Gram Swaraj where each village is independent of the Delhi Sarkar

2) Gandhism promised to the people that by peaceful protest genuine change will come to India.

3) Gandhism promised that the capitalists as trustees will protect the interests of the Indian people.

4) Gandhism promised that untouchability and communalism will be removed from society.

5) Gandhism promised that the new Indian government would remove suffering and wipe the tear from every eye.

6) Gandhism promised that every Indian will get swaraj

Broken Promises

1) Gandhi never supported capitalist democracy but after independence failed to dissolve the Congress party who made the government that the British called Congresstan. The Gandhian principles were put in the Directive Principles of the Constitution where they could be safely ignored. Gram swaraj never happened. Instead we keep hearing propaganda as India moved from license raj to dalali raj and is now moving to fascism.

2) So many peaceful protestors have been jailed, attacked by goondas or killed in encounters by the police. No one sign of genuine positive change has been seen.

3) The capitalists in India are renowned for being especially heartless and having no scruples. No matter how much suffering or death is caused, they only loot more and more of the people’s wealth.

4) Untouchability not only remains but the number of killings and rapes increase each year and the percentage of convictions remains below 5%. Communalism keeps on increasing as vested interests deliberately provoke religious communities to attack each other. The so-called secular parties do nothing but watch in silence.

5) At the time of Indian independence there was suffering and exploitation in all the countries in southern Asia. However, Indians remain mired in poverty while other countries have removed poverty to a significant degree. In the last 10 years poverty and economic inequality was dramatically reduced in Bangladesh and China and at the same time poverty and inequality increased in India. India spends the least % of its budget on education, medicine and other amenities than any other nation in Asia.

6) Dalalis (capialists) got swaraj and politicians, the priests got swaraj but never did the Indian people get swaraj. What little freedoms the country had are now being stolen as the threat of Emergency casts a shadow over Indian political life. Even the old members of the ruling party has come forward to protest the increasing centralization of power in the hands of one man as happened in Pakistan decades ago.

Prout pledges

1) Each block will have Artha Swaraj and the administration at the Gram and Block level will work as per the will of the local people. Unless economic tyranny of the license raj and the dalali raj is brought to an end, villages are going to be destroyed as all parties are pushing urbanization with no interest to plan for the education, future and welfare of the poor. Prout is committed to annihilating the control of the Central government and the business houses over the Indian economy. Only Prout tells the people that the land and all its resources belongs to the local people and not the dalalis and their paid netas.

2) Peaceful protest is useless without a mission to bring to an end economic tyranny and establish artha swaraj. Protests in the courts is useless without a mission to put pressure on the courts to enforce the directive principles of the Constitution. Only Prout has this mission as part of its very reason for existing

3) Capitalists can never be allowed to rule over the Indian people. Gandhi and Patel took money from Birla and other Congress capitalists that had been made from the blood of the Bengali people during the Bengal famine. Only Prout is committed to ending the rule of the business houses. Trotsky took money and help from Amercian bankers to come to Russia and Lenin took the help of the German and later other foreign capitalists. Mao also did the same. Prout alone is committed to genuine revolution at all costs and is prepared to struggle against all odds without selling out.

4) Prout alone is committed to ending casteism entirely. Shrii Sarkar right in childhood took an oath before mother to wipe it out. Gandhi accepted inequality and casteism and only rejected untouchability. Communists also never fought against casteism because as Ambedkar said, they are “a bunch of brahmin boys.” Prout is in the 7000 year old tradition of Lord Shiva who fought against the Aryan supremacy that is the root of casteism with sama-samaja tattva. Krsna promised Karna that He would end this casteism the next time He came on this planet. It is the mission of Proutists to annihilate casteism and save the honour of these great-hearted souls.

5) All parties tell people “Vote for me and all your problems will be solved.” Prout tells people, “Prout is a mighty azadi astra. Come work with us and together we will end the suffering of one and all. And if any Proutist betrays this mission together we will throw him from power.”

6) A beggar has no swaraj. Without food, clothing, shelter, housing and medical care one is a beggar. The Constitution is supposed to give us swaraj but more than 75% of the population lives below the poverty line. Communism gives swaraj only to the elites in the party Politburo and the rest of the people obey orders or are punished. Prout alone is committed to give people Artha Swaraj and giving them full freedom so long as it does not harm anyone else. Prout accomplishes this not through militarization of communism but through cooperatives where people live as part of one family.



1) If the capitalists can make more money, the money will trickle down and everyone will prosper

2) They will protect basic political freedoms which are violated by communism

3) Everyone will receive fair treatment and justice regardless of caste, religion or whether they are rich or poor

4) If people work hard they will be able to provide a good future for their children.

5) That the people will control the country in a democracy

6) That technology will create a paradise society in the future

Broken Promises

1) In reality the more chances the capitalists have to make money the more they will grab and the poverty will increase. In India, the economic inequality has only increased since the economy was opened to foreign capitalists. As cheap Chinese imports flood the country so many industries are sick or have closed down. This new economy has seen the end of steady income jobs such as in factories and mills. Instead companies are giving piece-work jobs out on contract. With the death of unions employees are made to work day and night due to modern technology. Even so many professors are only temporary and hence have no pension. These people are called the “precariat” because their economic situation is always precarious as at any time they can lose everything. They are deliberately kept in this situation to give them less money and to keep them from revolting.

2) People of all parties have admitted that we have been in a “silent Emergency” under the Congress and are now moving towards full Emergency. Peaceful Dalit activists in Maharashtra have been jailed for sedition. In Gujarat those who work for communal harmony are harassed by the police and goondas claiming that they are Maoists.

3) In reality there never has been justice for the poor in the country. When justice does come for them it is so rare that people write newspaper articles about it as it is a rare news story. For Dalits and non-Hindus persecution has only been increasing. The Hindu newspaper found that if you take a CV (list of personal credentials) and make 3 versions. In one version put an upper caste name, in the second a dalit name and in the third a muslim name the results were worse than they expected. Only very few companies answered the Dalit job application and next to none answered the Muslim application. The upper caste application of course got plenty of applications. All of them are cursed for getting reservation but the reality is they are driven out of shoddy government school due to persecution by teachers and poor upper caste students. Most upper caste students go to private schools and take tuition classes to get high marks. They are only 15% of the Indian population. The rest is left to remain ignorant so they can be robbed easily.

4) This is such a lie that there is no need to refute it. The poor are looted with demands for bribes for every small government document they need. The adivasis across India live in the most poverty, suffer the most violence and are not allowed to live as per their prana dharma. One cannot be successful without being a crook and without allowing others around us to also rob the people. This is why corruption is the basic reality of life for even those who hate it.

5) People just go into a box and push a button every 5 years. More than 90% of what the politicians do is not the will of the people. People cannot decide which policies and laws their representatives to follow. There is rampant financing of candidates by foreign companies like British Vedanta which is in court for giving money to both the congress and the bjp. Either the netas are afraid of the people or the people are afraid of the netas. If the Netas rule that is not democracy. It the dalalis rule that is a plutocracy or dalali raj, it is not Ganatantra.

6) Technology brings misery as more people lose their jobs and are forced to take temporary, lower paying jobs that provide no pension or security. Technology also brings more selfishness in the culture of society as people spend more time with their mobiles than their family or friends or books. Technology is leading to the dumbing down of the population which knows less and less each generation but has more and more greed.

Prout pledges

1) The wealth will be in the hands of the local people – not in the hands of the government or in the hands of capitalists. No private business will be allowed to become big and none will be allowed to control the main products of the economy. The people will control the economy through networks of local cooperatives. The people will be the rulers economically, the business people will be their servants giving luxury items and the local government will be their workers.

2) Prout will give people the freedoms promised by capitalist democracy and in addition to full freedom to control their local economy and freedom to set the policy of the local government. Prout will give people full freedom of information about the actions of the government and give people the power to recall MPs and MLAs who fail to fulfill their campaign promises. Prout will give people the power to make their netas, their servants as they should be.

3) Prout is committed to fighting not just the economic inequality of capitalism but also the social inequality of casteism and communalism. Prout works with Neohumanism to fight at the socio-cultural and psychic level to bring about real equality with a change in the collective psychology. Prout alone is committed to one global society based on decentralized economic swaraj

4) In Prout alone is hard work rewarded by special amenities for the talented. Although the difference between the lowest and highest wages is fixed between 5-10%, Prout mandates that the quantity and the unique enjoyments of the amenities should increase steadily. This forces the minimum wage to also increase steadily to maintain the maximum income gap. Thus Prout’s restricted economic inequality fosters greater economic prosperity for the people and rewards for the hard-working and talented.

5) Prout puts the control of the society in the economic realm in the hands of the local people. Furthermore it puts the control of the society in the political realm in the hands of spiritual revolutionaries against immorality (sadvipras). Prout mandates that it is the people who will decide who is a sadvipra. Finally Prout has a spiritual practice and moral way of life which can transform a person into a sadvipra and each Proutist has a mission to make everyone into a sadvipra.

6) Prout believes in technology that serves the people and not the capitalists or the government (as in the case of communism). Thus the development of the robot economy will cause people to work shorter hours without their pay being reduced. This is because the extra profit created by the robot economy will be used for the people first and foremost. This will create a truly new society where people have full chance to pursue knowledge, arts and spirituality.



1) The proletariat or the most exploited people will rule in the new society.

2) There will be no exploitation.

3) There will be no social discrimination based on race, caste, language group or religion

4) There will be no suffering of the poor under the violence of the police and military.

5) The people will govern themselves in their areas

6) The economy will be nationalized and used for the good of everyone

Broken Promises

1) In communist society it is the military leaders who run the country. The proletariat suffers even more from civil war with the capitalists. This civil war transforms the communist leaders into brutal dictators. Then the entire work and social life become regimented like an army. Just like in an army people are encouraged to spy on each other. The people have to accept economic policies that are forced on them as per the whims of the party leaders. If they protest they are killed or sent to prison.

2) In communist society the party profits while the people suffer. The Naxal leaders send their children to private schools and send them overseas for studies. The money comes from the poor people they claim to fight for. In Chattisgarh the Maoists and government work together in smuggling goods outside the area and in cooperating with the capitalists. Maoist gangs even fight each other for money and the adivasis once again suffer the most. The corruption of the communist parties in Bengal and Kerala is well-known.

3) In communist society there is no way to elevate people’s minds and hence prejudices always prevail. The persecution of Jews and Siberian adivasis remained under communist society and in many ways got worse. The situation of the Tibetans and Uyghurs in China is well know. Tibet is facing typical colonial exploitation under a Marxist government. Similarly the Maoist leaders in every part of India are all upper castes and even a great poet and popular activist like Gaddar in Telangana could not rise due to the control of the upper castes. Even in Nepal the leaders of the Maoists are upper castes and in other communist parties of Nepal, wealthy farming castes (BC) dominate. The communist parties in Kerala and Bengal have always been controlled by Brahmins and upper castes. Dalits and adivasis are nowhere in the reality of Maoists and Marxists in South Asia.

4) The violence of the Maoists is most terrible as they force people to take part in fake trials where they are forced to consent to their own people being judged as guilty of crimes for which those people are often killed. Many times the Maoists force people to kill those whom they want killed. The Maoists also kidnap young children of adivasis and force them to fight. They never kidnap upper caste children for their criminal activities. The violence of so-called democratic communists in Bengal has been beyond compare. It was the outright brutality in Nandigram and Singur that finally took them out of power.

5) We see that practically at every level it is the party cadre who control everything. In Maoist areas, the local unit functions as per the decision of the elite upper-caste maoist leaders but are given full responsibility for fighting the Indian army and feeding their people. This is the most blatant exploitation. Sadly the maoist cadres are fooled into not realizing how they are being exploited just like many victims of capitalism. In the communist states where they attained political power there has been decentralization but the result has been the creation of decentralized cadre mafias which is creating chaos and destroying Bengali culture from the roots. The Mamata government won power by violence and cannot come out of this violent culture and hence there is lawless violence across rural Bengal.

6) As we have seen in communist states, the socially discriminated groups get nothing except slavery and the common people get poverty and a few economic handouts. The people however remain not just as beggars but are transformed into beast in the struggle to survive in an atmosphere of rampant party crony capitalism. Nationalism does not benefit the people as in nationalism the government or state acts as capitalists and exploits the people as per its whims.

Prout Pledges

1) In Prout the local people of each area will control the economy and hence will have full security and confidence to develop their talents and dreams. In Prout, sadhana is there to prevent Proutists from becoming degenerated in the fight against capitalists. Prout is against a militarized society. While the martial class may gain power after revolution, Proutists will watch them at every step and fight any attempt of theirs to repress the common people.

2) In Prout there is no party. Parties are utilised temporarily in Prout to serve the people and not vice versa. Prout empowers ordinary people economically, psychologically and spiritually to fight to maintain their freedom. Shrii Sarkar said that Prout has been given to create a human race that likes to fight. Corruption starts when elites control the economy. Prout puts the economy in the hands of the common people and hence cadres have no chance to become exploiters.

3) To rise about race, caste, religion requires a psychological and spiritual revolution. Only Prout has the Neohumanist movement which creates a new humanity in practice. Only Prout can make the cardinal moral values that often seem abstract into a tangible reality by the power of meditation and ideation (in daily life). Only Prout can create a new level of Consciousness without which any revolution is destined to be a failure.

4) Under Prout the local administration is the servant of the local people and their local economy. The military is under the control of the democratically elected world government of moralist, revolutionary yogis (sadvipras) and the people alone bring the sadvipras to power. Thus there is no scope for the religious, racial, cultural or ethnic majority to torture or exploit any minority as happens now in every country. Also it is the people who will have the right to protest and revolt against any government as the government is their servant and not vice versa. Economic security from a cooperative economy, personal harmony through a spiritual lifestyle give people the confidence and courage to assert their rights without fear, selfishness or compromise with injustice.

5) Prout will put the entire economy in 3 tiers in the hands of the local people who working with experts will create Participatory Economic plans for each panchayat, district and samaja. Prout will empower the people to also work with their local administration in such ways as Participatory Budgeting where the local budget is made as per a consensus with the local people. The people also will put pressure on their sadvipra representatives to fight for their rights at the level of global government as well.

6) Prout alone is a consumption based economy focused on the needs of the common people. Each and every policy is focused on this alone. And most importantly the decision-making process is a local process run by the local people. The nation is an abstract term. Prout rejects the idea of putting economic power in the hands of a national or local bureaucracy or party elites. For Prout, it is the people (as individuals and as collective groups) who profit by controlling their economic destiny.



1) India will become great once again by focusing on development projects

2) A spirit of national pride will solve all problems of disunity. All Hindus will be united as one family

3) A strong national leader and a disciplined sevaks will bring peace to the country and protect the country from external enemies.

4) All problems arise due to traitors who are foreigners. Unless these foreigners are removed by any means necessary, India will continue to suffer.

5) The Hindus alone have been persecuted so much in history and still today they are being victimized. We must fight for their rights and defend ourselves.

6) We must be ready to do anything to save Hindus just like Krsna did in the Mahabharata and like Chanakya used all sorts of crooked, cunning tactics.

Broken Promises

1) The Indian people will benefit from development projects focused on their welfare. However foreign corporates fund the Hindu parties and make them work for their welfare. Make in India is an invitation for a new foreign rule of India. If you control a person’s bread, you control his life and hence he becomes a slave. So liberalization, globalization or any fancy word simply means slavery for India not greatness for India. After the East India Company was disbanded the wealthy controllers created the first multinational corporations who ruled India until independence. When these corporate were suffering due to World War II and when the cost of keeping India a colony was too expensive they left India. Under Rajiv Gandhi, they were given a red carpet welcome to their old Raj. They have taken control of India’s economy and all parties have kissed the white hand of the corporates. Even the CPIM killed the workers for them in different places. The priests in Puri and elsewhere were among the first to offer prayers for the British when the British took over in the past. The millionaire gurus are following in their footsteps. The Hindu Mahasabha, RSS, Muslim League were all chamchas of the British. How can those who betrayed India in the past, who are selling India in the present make India great?

2) Pride becomes big before one’s downfall. Pride creates disunity because pride causes arrogance and this leads to bullying and violence. A bullying attitude has made everyone from Bahais to Christians to Muslims not just scared but also militant. The fooling violent threats of fraudulent sadhvis is destroying the public atmosphere of collective brotherhood. Hindus are not being united as brothers. The reality is that a Brahmin Jati Party controls everything and they are 2% of the Indian population. This social group controls the media and along with the banias controls most of the economy. If Hindus are united then it can only be as slaves of this upper caste group. This is why the Caste Census was not revealed because it should how a tiny percentage of the population controls all the land and economy of India. Unity based on this kind of caste tyranny is bound to destroy India because azadi is the destiny of humanity.

3) Has a strong national leader and a militarized society brought peace to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria and other African countries? Actually it is interesting that those who hate Pakistan want to make India like Pakistan – a militarized (fascist) state based on religious nationalism. How can a strong leader protect the country single-handedly? Where many people are discussing and deciding together, many facts can be uncovered and shared. Where the people are under a dictator like Stalin, the people will be too afraid to speak out and the country will be in danger of foreign invasion. Whether it is Christian Bush in America or Hindu Modi in India or Muslim Erdogan in Turkey, the culture of centralization of all political power in one person does not lead to security or peace but rather to fear, hatred and war. Even Nepal, a Hindu majority country, has become anti-India due to India’s bullying arrogance. Instead of building brotherhood between Hindu nations, India imports tens of thousands of Nepali girls as prostitutes in Indian cities and the Hindu government in Delhi allows this to continue. One of their MLAs in Karnataka was even charged with smuggling women several years ago. Is this Hindu values – to behave worse than Ravana not just with Muslim women and Dalit women but with higher caste Hindu women also?

4) This is the essence of fascism – to blame all problems on a minority community. Look at Hitler who is a hero for many in India. Should we support a holocaust of muslims in India? Should we support a culture of hatred? In Hitler’s birth country of Austria, 95% of the wealthy people were Jews. Can one imagine what if 95% of the wealthy people in India were Muslims or Christians? Would that justify a Holocaust in India? Look at Rawanda (Africa) where the Hutus killed so many Tutsis or Burundi where some time back the Tutsis killed so many Hutus. Has mass murder made them peaceful and prosperous countries? Is there any country in the world that has become peaceful and solved social problems by hatred and murder? But also let us look at the hypocrisy. The BJP work together with the Muslim League in Delhi riots, they work together with Owasi in riots in Hyderabad and in elections in Bihar. The BJP MLA Som was involved in the Muzaffarnagar riots and the Dadri cow murder. He in fact runs a beef company with the meat of buffaloes. And he not only sells the meat to Muslim countries he also partners with wealthy foreign Muslims in his company. So if all problems are caused by Muslims why are Hindu extremist leaders working with videshi Muslims while killing deshi Muslims? The PM makes speeches abroad in Saudi Arabia saying good things about Islam and says the opposite inside India. So what is the truth?

5) Every religion has been persecuted but also every religion has persecuted people in its history. Hindu invaders (Kalingas and Cholas) attacked Sri Lanka and destroyed Buddhist temples and built Hindu temples on top of them. Should those Hindu temples be torn down as many Sri Lankan Buddhists want to do? In fact there is one big Hindu temple in Ayodhya that was built on top of a Buddhist temple. Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has said that the famous Puri temple was a Buddhist temple converted to a Hindu temple by force. Some researchers say that the Tirupati Temple was a Buddhist shrine and also the temple in Kanchi of the Shankaracarya was a Jain Temple. Should all these temples be torn down? Should Dalit Buddhists build Buddhist temples on top of them? Violence does not make anyone safe. The reality is that the Hindu majority in India, the Muslim majority in Turkey, the Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka, the Christian majority in America all feel that they are being victimized by secularists whom they hate. They actually portray themselves as victims so as to justify more violence. Is there a difference between self-defense and religious imperialism? Is this culture of hatred the real Dharma of Shiva, Krsna and the many sants of India? Let us also not forget that no religion in the world has tortured its own people the way the lower castes and adivasis have been tortured by their upper caste Hindu brothers.

6) What did Krsna do? A few times only He advised the Pandavas to break the rules of war. Many comment that Krsna broke the rules and make Yuddhisthira tell lies as part of Dharmayuddha and that since life is Dharma-yuddha and that so also we can do the same. This pseudo-Parthasarathi morality is responsible for all the corruption and social disunity. How many times did Krsna tell Yuddhisthira to talk deceitfully (it was not an outright lie)? Was it 20 times or ten times? Actually it was one time. We must see what are the reasons why. The rule of war is that Astra – powerful weapons could only be used against those who had knowledge of these weapons and could defend themselves. Breaking this rule Drona was using astras against ordinary Pandava soldiers who were being slaughtered helplessly like in modern warfare. To stop this slaughter, ONE time, Krsna told Arjuna to act deceitfully. The Kuta-yuddha of Chanakya is very different from the Dharma-yuddha of Krsna. Krsna did not envision India as an empire like the Maurya Empire. The Pandavas did not create a empire. They fought and brought Dharma to the kingdoms but they did not make all the kings their servants. The aim of the Mahabharata as Baba says was not to conquer India or the world but to unite India based on a social consciousness of all people as brothers. In the Arthashastra of Chanakya we find hardly any morality, Dharma or spirituality. This Chanakya culture is what led India to be defeated by foreign invaders. The Rajputs lost to the Mughals because they were busy backstabbing and fighting each other as per Chanakya. The same happened when the British came. The Marathas invaded Bihar and Bengal and created so much terror that the Nawab asked the British for protection. As Ambedkar said,

“It is not that India was never an independent country. The point is that she once lost the independence she had. Will she lost it a second time? It is this thought which makes me most anxious for the future. What perturbs me greatly is the fact that not only India has once before lost her independence, but she lost it by the infidelity and treachery of some of her own people. In the invasion of Sind by Mahommed-Bin-Kasim, the military commanders of King Dahar accepted bribes from the agents of Mahommed-Bin-Kasim and refused to fight on the side of their King. It was Jaichand who invited Mahommed Gohri to invade India and fight against Prithvi Raj and promised him the help of himself and the Solanki Kings. When Shivaji was fighting for the liberation of Hindus, the other Maratha noblemen and the Rajput Kings were fighting the battle on the side of Moghul Emperors. When the British were trying to destroy the Sikh Rulers, Gulab Singh, their principal commander sat silent and did not help to save the Sikh Kingdom. In 1857, when a large part of India had declared a war of independence against the British, the Sikhs stood and watched the event as silent spectators. Will history repeat itself? It is this thought which fills me with anxiety.”

Prout Pledges

1) India will become great by focusing on development projects where the people control their own economy. Nobody benefits by getting MNREGA handouts or by being a victim of corporate greed. Prout is the only ideology that gives people economic control over their own development – not the government or the dalalis. India will not become great by becoming a powerful nation like Great Britain was or America is today. That is the greatness of a global thug or goonda. Tagore said India always proclaimed its greatness through its culture, its saints and its spirituality. Tagore warned that a westernized Hindu or Muslim nationalism would destroy Indian civilization. In light of this Prout is the only ideology committed to fighting militant geo-sentiment or nationalism. Religious nationalism tore India apart almost 70 years ago and in the last discourse Shrii Sarkar warned that it could again tear apart India. Prout believes that India will establish its greatness through its sadhana, service and sacrifice to all the persecuted people of the world. Prout believes that it is by caring about each others’ suffering and fighting against exploitation that not only will Pakistan, India and Bangladesh be united – even further this India will be united with Southeast Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand,etc.) in one samaja based on brotherhood, divine love and deepest respect. This is how India will be great as never before in history.

2) India’s pride has always been her Dharma which is beyond the Vedic-Puranic religion, Buddhist religion, Jain religion or any other religion. Currently people confuse Dharma with religion and in the name of Dharma, how many crimes are being done by Hindus in India and Buddhists in Sri Lanka? Prout alone clear distinguishes between Dharma (sublime righteousness) and Dharmamata (religion). Prout alone clear explains Dharma as consisting of Vistara, rasa, seva and Tadstithi which are principles that are universal. Prout alone wants to unite India based on bhakti humanism based on Tantric revolutionary spirit of sama-samaja. This Neohumanism will not just unite all Hindu castes but all of South Asia and the whole world.

3) Sociologists have seen that where there is a decentralized society, there mysticism flourishes. Part of the reason for the downfall of spirituality in India today is not just due to the rise of communal dogma but due to a centralized economy and centralized government in the hands of capitalist exploiters. Prout wants everyone to be a strong leader or a sadvipra. Truly strong leaders like Shiva and Krsna do not steal the limelight. They let others rule and only are active to establish Dharma and fight the forces of disunity. Then they go back into the shadows to meditate in silence. A partly peaceful society was the Tantric society in India before the Aryans came and that is found in the Adivasis today. Prout however does not live in the past, nor does it live in romantic dreams like the communists. Proutists live in the present and bring all the greatness of the past, all the possibilities of the future into the present as a revolutionary force by their union with the Cosmic Nucleus, Parama Purusa. A true saint like Guru Tegh Bahadur will give their life to save innocent people of another religion. A true Dharmic persons unites and defends the good people of all religions because all religious leaders are controlled by the capitalists. Capitalists are the real kaffirs and Mleechas as they cause Bhagavan’s family to fight each other so the capitalists can steal their wealth and their labour. Proutists are also soldiers but soldiers who fight out of love for all suffering beings everywhere. Hence they alone can save not just Hindus but the whole world.

4) Proutists believe that all problems can be solved when everyone cares about ALL of them and when everyone works and sacrifices for them. Prout is committed to loving criminals, communal terrorists and capitalists as brothers while fighting and stopping their reign of terror. Proutists love the people of every country as their own and will be loved even in the so-called enemy country. Tagore is loved even by conservative Muslims in Bangladesh. Proutists will fight the real traitors who are the religious people who divide humanity.

5) Proutists are here to protect the innocent people everywhere. They will fight their own countrymen if their country invades other countries. They will fight their own people if their own samaja exploits other samajas. Proutists alone are committed to a life of endless combat with a clear goal as a Sadvipra and hence they alone can save everyone.

6) We are here to save everyone and we must do it not by hatred but by love. In war rules are broken but Proutists as Tantrics have the capacity to fight their own internal moral corruption as well as fight it among other Proutists and society in general. The mission of Prout is revealed by Shrii Sarkar saying,

“We are for all, and with everything existent we are to build up a new society, a Neohumanistic society. So we must not waste our time. And if we are late in doing our duty, the dark shadow of complete destruction will overpower our existence. We should be conscious of this; we should be cautious of this; we must not waste a single moment of our valuable existence. So what I said just now is that now humanity is at the threshold of a new era. And so many epoch-making events, so many annals of history, are to be created by you boys and you girls. Be ready to shoulder that responsibility of ages to come.”


We have seen in brief how Prout alone can fulfill the broken promises of all ideologies. Arthanik Azadi will bring sampurna swaraj to India and the world and build a Ananda Parivara. We can never forget Shrii Sarkar’s clarion call to us saying,

“Bihar has plentiful natural resources. In addition there exists the immense wealth of human resources. However, there is endless poverty. The immediate need is to formulate a healthy economic plan for the region and begin its immediate implementation. Bihar, the Golden Crown of History, must not be pushed into the depths of darkness.”

(Histories Along the Way – 1)

Prout is pledged to save humanity. It is the duty of the Proutists to fulfill the pledge of the preceptor of Prout, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, who openheartedly called upon us all saying,

“Society is the collective name for those who want to move ahead together. The struggle against sin must be waged individually as well as in a well-unified way in collective social life…You know, a son must remove the debt of his deceased father – he is morally bound to do so. Similarly, you are to purify society by purging it of sin. It is more than an obligation, it is your bounden duty. You must do this or total destruction is inevitable. To take leadership in society you must be established in Yama and Niyama in just such a strict way.”

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