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Compartmentalized Democracy, P.R. Sarkar
Lacunas of current forms of democracy; four compartments of a functional democracy.

Dialectical Materialism and Democracy, P.R. Sarkar
Democratic requirements and reform.

Totalitarianism and Democracy, P.R. Sarkar
Merits and demerits of totalitarianism and democracy respectively.

Party Politics, P.R. Sarkar
Denouncement of party-based political systems on principle.

Civilian Democratic Political-Economic System, for Liberated Countries and Countries with all Systems of Government, Prof. Dhanjoo N Ghista

Politics Beyond Liberalism; The Political Theory of PROUT, Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
Historical ideational philosophy; Prout’s socio-political objectives; Justice, law and morality.

Democracy in Practice, Acharya Krtashivananda Avadhuta
Philosophical discussion on Proutist political values and practices.

The Need for Electoral Reforms Toward Greater Democratic Good (4 parts), M. Prasad
Based on the Indian scene.

PROUT’s Political System, from The PROUT Companion
Q&As on the political structure of a Proutist society.

The Political System of PROUT, Dr. Ravi Batra
The role of sadvipras and sadvipra boards.

FAQ on Political

Social Boards

The Role of Social Boards, Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
Definition, distinction and duties of Sadvipra boards.

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