Trifarious Expression, by P.R. Sarkar
“If we are interested today in the welfare of this beautiful universe, we should try more and more to accelerate the speed of spiritual progress.”

Proper Utilization, from Samaj, a New Dimension on Politics
Elaboration on progressive utilization; planning, values.

On Maximum Utilisation in Agriculture, P.R. Sarkar
Practical guidelines.

Population Growth and Control, P.R. Sarkar
Progressive socio-economics is the answer to growing population numbers, not inhuman policies. “It is a law of nature that a mother is provided with sufficient breast milk to feed her newly born baby. In the same way nature has generously provided sufficient resources to meet the food and other essential requirements of all human beings. People need to utilize these natural resources in a proper way. Shortages of food or space cannot be blamed on nature.”

The Liberation of Intellect, P.R. Sarkar
Dogma should and will not be able to shackle human intellect.

Liberation From Staticity, P.R. Sarkar
“The internal urge to attain liberation in every sphere of life is a natural wont of each and every human being.”

Utilize All Your Potentialities, P.R. Sarkar
“One must not waste a single second in developing one’s physical potentiality, intellectual potentiality and spiritual potentiality.”

Bad Habits Which Should Be Given Up, P.R. Sarkar
Overcoming the bad habits of too much sleep, dullness, fear, anger, physical and psychic lethargy, and procrastination is the key to rapid progress in life.

Water and Land Management, Dr. Michael Towsey (pdf)
A foundation for economic planning in Australia.

Wealth and Potentialities of Our World, Trond Overland
Potentialities are everywhere, all the time; the secret is to harvest them in a detached, spiritually frame of mind.

Progressive Utilization, by Ac. Krsnasevananda Avt.
Progressive utilization vs. capitalistic utilization.

“The second cause of sin is non-utilization of over-accumulated physical and psychic resources. It is a mental disease to accumulate money. Those who accumulate it do not do so in order to fulfil their needs. Human needs are few, including food, shelter and clothing. For instance, if a person has a fruit grove which yields 500 mangoes and there are only five family members, what will be done with so many mangoes? There is very little chance of utilization in the case of over-accumulation. If sadvipras are not vigilant, where there is over-accumulation, human beings will tend to misutilize wealth by indulging in baser tendencies. Therefore you will note – I am making it crystal-clear to you – that the wealthy businessmen and most of the idle kings and aristocrats of ancient times were generally wicked and mean-minded.”
– P.R. Sarkar, “The Three Causes of Sin”, A Few Problems Solved Part 6, and in PROUT in a Nutshell Volume 2 Part 8, Supreme Expression Volume 2, and The Great Universe: Discourses on Society.

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