PROUT, What It Stands For

The PROUT, What It Stands For booklet was published by Proutist Universal, India in the 1960s and 70s. It gives a broad introduction to the philosophical and ideological basis of PROUT and proceeds to advance PROUT's five fundamental principles in a program platform style. The following eight extracts are from the 2nd edition (1970, Proutist Forum of India), edited and updated in 2010.

Commentary on:
First Fundamental Principle of PROUT
Second Fundamental Principle of PROUT
Third Fundamental Principle of PROUT
Fourth Fundamental Principle of PROUT
Fifth Fundamental Principle of PROUT

The alternative to individualism (capitalism) and collectivism (communism)
This piece offers a brief look at the way these interests have been promoted by capitalist and communist theories respectively.

The fallacy of mixed economy
"The mixed economy is a peculiar medley of the mutually contradictory theories of capitalism and socialism. In reality it is ludicrously absurd. It is preposterous to think of a lasting friendship between a goat and a tiger."

"There are more things than are even dreamt of or imagined; the caution of “thus far and no further” cannot check humanity's progress."

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