World government

“A world government with powers adequate to guarantee security is not a remote ideal for the distant future. It is an urgent necessity if our civilization is to survive.” – Albert Einstein

Confederated World Government, P.R.Sarkar
The idea and evolution of World Government.

Sarkar on the Evolution of World Government
Two houses, law forming, countries will initially have only administrative power.

Benefits of Global Government, P.R. Sarkar
Socio-political benefits of World Government.

Requirements of an Ideal Constitution, P.R. Sarkar
Different constitutions, common defects, reforms, charter of rights.

PROUT Based Grassroots Socio-Economic Democracy for People’s Empowerment and Equitable Global Order for Parity among Nations, Prof. Dhanjoo N Ghista
This paper offers guidelines for grassroots cooperative economic development, socio-economic democratic governance system, and a neo-global order comprising of functionally-sustainable communities, self-reliant economic zones, regional federations, and world government.

World Government, Globalization and UN Reform, Sohail Inayatullah
Historical; reforms towards a World Government.

The Necessity and Prerequisites of a World Government, Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
From the UN towards World Government, requisite factors of a new world governing body.

Democratic World Governance, T. Overland
Nationalist, social, and democratic shortcomings demand a world body with a greater value-base.

Economic Democracy, World Government, and Globalization, R. Bjonnes
Economic self-determination, political peace, and World Government.

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