Service Psychology and Group Psychology
A discussion on social analytical and synthetical approaches; group-oriented and service-motivated respectively, and the importance of a pro-spiritual orientation in leadership.

The Place of Spiritual Revolutionaries in the Social Cycle, P.R. Sarkar
“The duty of the spiritual revolutionaries is to see that the dominating class does not take recourse to exploitation.”

De-classed Leadership, Gary Coyle
Dynamics of leadership in the social cycle.

The Value-oriented Middleclass, Prout Globe
Non-economical, political definition and revolutionary potentiality of the middle class.

From Instinct to Sadvipra

See also: Social Boards

“The only way that ideology can maintain its integrity and prove its relevance and efficiency is if it is embodied in the hearts and minds of a class of people whose psychology is not conditioned by any of the collective psychologies that periodically rule the social cycle”.
From De-classed Leadership, by Gary Coyle

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