PROUT is short for the Progressive Utilization Theory, formulated in 1959 by the Indian socio-spiritual initiator Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar. PROUT promotes grassroots-based economic democracy, emphasizing a decentralizedbalanced economic setup and local planning. In order to achieve global integration, PROUT delineates self-reliant economic zones defined by common cultural and economic factors eventually sustained by a world government. The basic values of PROUT are those of Neohumanism.

Sarkar and many after him has contributed to a rich PROUT literature of ideas and concepts, analysis and synthesis of human socio-economic potential, with numerous concrete solutions for balanced development in all spheres of life. Some of that material is found here on our pages.

Why the Prout Philosophy Has Been Created, P.R. Sarkar
A Brief Introduction to the Progressive Utilization Theory

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