Neohumanistic Approach to Economics, P.R. Sarkar
“As human beings progress towards the realm of spirituality, they are helped on the one hand by PROUT, which guarantees minimum requirements and maximum amenities, and on the other hand by neohumanistic outlook, which removes disparities.”

PROUT and Neohumanism, P.R. Sarkar
“There must be balance, equipoise and equilibrium amongst the physical, psychic and spiritual realms. PROUT is the approach, neohumanism is the psycho-intellectual approach and spiritual practice is the spirito-intuitional approach.”

From Humanism to Neohumanism, Garda Ghista
Mapping developments of humanism towards Neohumanism through mainly Zagorin and Sarkar, and explaining salient features of Neohumanism.

The Most Expansive Human Sentiment, Gary Coyle
Discussing various types of sentiments and neohumanistisc sentiment.

Capitalism, Marxism and Neohumanist Economics, Gary Coyle
Discussing Marxist and Proutistic economics with relevance to mentality.

PROUT, Neohumanism and Self-reliance, Krsnadeva
Brief treatise.

A Quest for Fulfillment, Krsnadeva
The existential dimension of a proper socio-economic philosophy.

Enhancing the Legal Status of Animals, Dieter Dambiec

A Holistically Sustainable Community with a Neohumanist Society, Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista with Siddharta Sanyal (pdf)
A comprehensive paper.

“Humanism newly explained and newly sermonized is neohumanism – the philosophy which will make people understand that they are not merely ordinary creatures. This philosophy will liberate them from all inferiority feelings and defects and make them aware of their own importance; it will inspire them to build a new world.” P.R. Sarkar

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