Global crisis

Global Water Crisis, P.R. Sarkar
Analysis of the current global water crisis; causes of draught; defects and good methods of well irrigation; the need for afforestation and catching the rain water.

Economic Depressions, P.R. Sarkar
Money should keep rolling and not be concentrasted in a few hands only.

Economic Dynamics, P.R. Sarkar
The downfall of capitalsm; the root causes of an economic depression and its effects; various forms of inflation; PROUT as the panacea.

Global Capitalism’s Four Fatal Flaws
Concentration of wealth, speculation instead of production, debt, and exploitation of and ignoring the natural environment are the four fatal flaws of global capitalism.

The News and the Reality
The news that sounds like Prozac to the financial community and as depression to the rest of us.

How much are you paying to commodity speculators? Dr. Susmit Kumar
The required down payment for purchase of a commodity on a future date is only 10 percent. Hence one can buy $1 billion worth of a commodity (petrol, wheat, corn, rice, copper, silver, etc.) with only $100 million at one’s disposal. If the price goes up by 10 percent in a week, the commodity speculator would make $100 million.

Globalizing the Company Town, R. Logan
“The world is becoming a company town.”

US Dollars “Print on Demand” and the Current Budget and Trade Deficits Drama, Dr. Susmit Kumar
Countries still not in a severe crisis were not plagued by significant trade deficits. So far, the US has taken advantage of its dollar being the global currency and has been printing dollars for the last 30 years to fund its budget and trade deficits.

A Failure Analysis of the U.S. Economy, Apekshit Mulay
“Workers should be able to work for fewer hours to achieve their production target. They could use their spare time to pursue higher education, leisure, hobbies, vocational training, etc.”

The Bubble and the Wealth Gap
The present economic crisis isn’t coming from nowhere, it has distinctive causes. Proutist economist Professor Ravi Batra emphasizes the growing wealth gap while Proutist author Dr. Susmit Kumar looks at the structural failure of the global trade system.

Quantitative Easing Isn’t Working, PROUT Globe
The issuing of colossal amounts of fresh money into the financial machinery does not achieve its officially intended purpose, which is to stimulate consumer spending. The banking system needs to change.

Capitalism in Three Spheres, P.R. Sarkar
Seminal discussion on physical, intellectual and spiritual forms of capitalism.

Global Economic “Tsunami” On It’s Way Dr. Susmit Kumar (2009)
“China will have $6 trillion in foreign exchange (FOREX) by 2015, up from $2.6 t in 2009. By then China will exercise virtual control over US dollar and the entire world economy.”

Debt-unravelling, “The Biggest Pain in the World”
Dr Ravi Batra commenting on a fundamental problem of the US and other economies.

Debt: America and Europe Sink Deeper; India, China, Africa Less Burdened
Current news article.

Preparing for Depression, Prof. Mark Friedman
Professor Mark Friedman, former Mayor of the City of El Cerrito, California, offers sound advise.

A Gaia of Civilizations or the Artificial Society? Prof. Sohail Inayatullah

The “Almighty” Dollar, Bruce Dyer

Centralised Capitalism, Jayanta Kumar

Fall of the American Empire and the Rise of a New Economy (3 parts), G. Ghista

Casino Capitalism and Collapse of the American Economy, Dr. Susmit Kumar

The US Cannot and Does Not Want to Fix its Unemployment Problem, Dr. Susmit Kumar

An Impending Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan Over Kashmir, Dr. Susmit Kumar

US “Capitalism” No Success, Credit Card Maxed Out, Dr. Susmit Kumar

The Global Economy Desperately Needs Another Brilliant Keynes Idea, Dr. Susmit Kumar

Wall Street Takes the Juice Out of the Fruit, Dr. Susmit Kumar

Krugman’s Third Depression or Collapse like 1990s Russia? Dr. Susmit Kumar

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