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The One Problem

At times, one problem blocks the solution to other problems. If we could solve only a single problem of the Ukraine crisis, which would it be?

The acute problem is that nobody is able to stop a power-crazed leader from going to war. The world lacks a strong, unifying institution that not only states that war is illegal, but also …

Close down the speculative markets

Finance should support the production of consumer goods and services. Instead, financial markets offer products or “tools” for speculators eager to squeeze the juice of the fruit that really belongs to all.

Present futures markets have far outgrown their agricultural origins. … the trading and hedging of financial products using futures dwarfs the traditional commodity markets, and plays a major

People’s purchasing power first; economic democracy now

Illustration: Real purchasing power projected (USA). Source: Colorado Department of Transportation 2014

The Requirements for Economic Democracy:

  • Minimum requirements of life must be guaranteed to all.
  • Increasing purchasing power must be guaranteed to each and every individual.
  • The power to make all economic decisions must be placed in the hands of the local people.
  • Outsiders

Some Specialities of Proutʼs Economic System

By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

There are several specialities of PROUTʼs economic system. These include guaranteed minimum requirements, increasing purchasing capacity, cooperatives, industrial development, decentralization and developmental planning. PROUT also has its specialities in trade and commerce.

Guaranteed Minimum Requirements

PROUTʼs economic system guarantees the minimum requirements of life – that is, food, clothing, accommodation, medical treatment and education – …

Liberation of Intellect – the Foundation of Education, PROUT Revolution, NeoHumanism and Spiritual Practice

By Taraka

All philosophies believe in the improvement, enlightenment or liberation of the Human Intellect. Even a materialist philosophy like capitalism believes that people should be taught skills so that they can be used by the capitalists to make money. Even a materialist philosophy like state capitalism (communism) believes that people should realize how they are being exploited so that …

PROUT, NeoHumanism and Spirituality are Inseparable for a Humane Economics

By Taraka

“People must develop closer and closer links with each other. One heart must gain a warm and deep understanding of another heart.
To make people conscious of their rights in every sphere of life – social, economic, psychic and spiritual – is called jiṋána vistára [expansion of knowledge]; and [for them] to exercise these rights fully is called


By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar
The following is the first of 31 chapters of Shrii Sarkar's book Rarh: The Cradle of Civilization, Ananda Marga Publications.

There was a great ocean, its surface agitated by rows of towering waves, an ocean which had neither name nor gotra [clan]. Who was there to name it, who was there to tell others …