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Was Mars Born from the Earth?

Richard Gauthier


“As per old astronomy and also astrology, Mars (like the Moon) also came out of this Earth,” according to Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar. “But it didn’t move around the Earth as its satellite. It started moving around the sun and became a planet.” This comment came in a 1986 discourse “The poles shift their respective positions” that is …

The Poles Shift Their Respective Positions

P.R. Sarkar
(May 31st, 1986, Kolkata) – The subject of today's discourse is, "The Poles Shift their Respective Positions." Cardinal human principles are almost unchangeable. I say almost unchangeable because they always maintain a tactual relationship with the cosmological order and so the cardinal human principles or cardinal points of human existence do not undergo any change or physical metamorphosis. …

The Coming Ice Age

P.R. Sarkar
History moves in rhythmic waves – in a systaltic flow. It moves and moves, then there is a galloping jump. Again it moves and moves again, then there is another galloping jump, and so on. All of a sudden there are galloping jumps – epoch-making eras. We are now at the threshold of this jump. We are not …

Biodiversity – Underprotected or Overprotected?

Garda Ghista
According to economics professor David N. Laband,[1] biodiversity is overprotected. He says that the public demands excessive protection of biodiversity only because most of those people do not have to pay for its preservation. It is the landowners who are made to pay for protecting biodiversity. Urban residents want aesthetic landscapes, biodiversity and animal habitats but they do …

Global Water Crisis

P.R. Sarkar
(25 March 1989, Kolkata) – At the beginning of this earth, there was absolute silence — there were no living beings or even plants. This condition continued for hundreds of millions of years, until the earth was properly formed.

Then a phase came when rain and storms started, and by a gradual process, life emerged. As a result …