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Samajas of Suvarnabhumi – Southeast Asia

Maharlika Samajas

  1. Tampuyong
  2. Taga Cordillera Kami
  3. Luzon
  4. Ang Makata
  5. Kasaru
  6. Kaigsuonang Sugbuhanon
  7. Kaliwat
  8. Waray Tupong
  9. Panaghugpong Mindanaw

All Maharlika Samajas — Ang KaSaMa

Samajas of Indonesia

  1. Bali
  2. Jawa
  3. Sunda
  4. Madura
  5. Minangkabau
  6. Bugin
  7. Banjara
  8. Palembang
  9. Aceh
  10. Sasak
  11. Batak
  12. Makassar
  13. Jambi
  14. Gorontalo
  15. Dayak
  16. Li Niha
  17. Taeʼ
  18. Mangarrai
  19. Atoni
  20. Rejang
  21. Tetum
  22. Brunei
  23. Wilayat Sulawesi
  24. Wilayat Kalimantan Utara
  25. Wilayah Nusa Tenggara
  26. Wilayat Maluku
  27. Timor

Samajas of the South Asian Subcontinent

All Bharata Varsha samajas (click image)

Socio-economic units should be formed throughout the world on the basis of same economic problems, uniform economic potentialities, ethnic similarities, common sentimental legacy and similar geographical features. … Socio-economic units will have to adopt economic decentralization so that the local people will be able to obtain all the requirements necessary for their physical, psychic

Globalization: A Proutistic Review

Members of the Amra Bengali movement in Kolkata protesting proposed legislation that would endanger the Bengali population of Darjeeling, West Bengal.

By Ac. Kalyaneshvarananda Avt.

What is Globalization? The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating internationally, is called globalization.

Globalization increases interaction and integration between people, companies and governments worldwide. Globalization spread …

No Gorkhaland in Bengal; Amra Bengali Youth

[Siliguri, 19 July 2017] – More than 5000 supporters of the Amra Bengali movement gathered at Siliguri, braving all the obstacles and brought out an impressive procession to protest against the heinous conspiracy to break Bengal and India with the tacit support of China.

The most important feature of the gathering was the fighting spirit and unfathomable inspiration that the …

Asomiya Samaj – A New Socio-Economic Movement for the People of Assam

By Dr Dhruba Hojai,
Guwahati, India

A new "God-centred" socio-economic movement in the name and style of Asomiya Samaj for the progress and prosperity of Assam, India, will be floated very soon. The Asomiya Samaj is one of the 266 samajas of this planet and 48 samajas of Bharat Varsha (India) respectively as propounded by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, otherwise known as Shrii Shrii …

Krishnanagar Prout UTC

Picture above: A section of the audience enjoying the street theatre performance of Mukta Bhumir Meye ("Daughters of Liberated Land") downtown Krishnanagar during the Prout UTC

(Krishnanagar, 21 December) – A five-day Prout utilisation camp (UTC) was conducted at Krishnanagar in Nadia District, West Bengal from 17 to 21 December. More than 300 students, youth, Prout leaders (BPs, UBPs and various committee …

10 Points Demand Presented at 6000 Strong Amra Bengali Meet

Photo above: Amra Bengali crowd at Dharmtala, Kolkata

(Kolkata, 19 November 2015) – The socio-economico-cultural movement Amra Bengali (AB) declared the rudimentals of its program platform when presenting a 10 points demand at a public meeting at Dharmtala, downtown Kolkata. The demand included:

  1. Like Marathi, Punjabi, Jats, and Tamils are given respective homelands in the federated structure of India, Bengalis should

Successful PROUT Field Effort in Midnapur, WB

Picture above: The PROUT Parikrama at Goaltor village, Midnapur District, West Bengal

(PROUT Globe) – A four-day Prout Parikrama ("moving around") in Midnapur district of West Bengal was held to promote Prout in this significant cadre-producing district. The Parikrama started on 12th October from the Kerani tala Ananda Marga School campus. A motorcade of five four-wheelers and a bus carrying …