The Proutist Samaj Movement

By  Dr. Dhruba Hojai

DHojaiThe nature of the human mind is expansion. That’s why it is restless. It longs for the infinite. The narrow domestic walls of our social and political mindsets are some of the many hindrances to the universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

“There is an urgent cry for moralists to unite.”

Poet Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel laureate, wrote in Gitanjali,

“Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls, into that heaven of freedom, father, let my country awake.”

The great assamese literary exponent and icon of Assamese music, Dr Bhupen Hazarika, sang in one of his famous songs, “Manuhe Manuhar Babe” (the first verse translated into English),

“If human fails to help humanity,
Who will think for humanity?
With a feeling of li’l sympathy
Won’t be a matter of indignity?”

All great thinkers of modern times want the sub-societies created in the past to merge into one universal society which is the human society. But,what is the way to achieve this goal?

The ‘budhijivis’ or intelligent classes from all walks of life realise the defects in the present systems but, unfortunately, lack the abilities of showing the way for a universal cure. Constitutions of countries are being amended by politicians throughout the world on and off to rectify the existing systems in vain. These remain merely as laws of the respective countries but the basic human right which is to live without exploitation remain violated everywhere. Human beings have tried religion, communism and capitalism on this planet which are now just passing phases.

The present economy of this planet is in chaos. We ought to realise that philosophies based on religion, communism and capitalism have proven to be defective and not natural because they have divided the human race into castes, creeds, communities, the rich nations and the poor nations. It is but high time to realise that the existing systems have failed to address the problems of the societies and any further expectations of revival of these systems will be a folly and detrimental to the very existence of mankind.

So what is the way out? The merger of all the societies into one universal society for the good of mankind is not a one step matter. Shri Prabhatrainjan Sarkar, otherwise known by his spiritual name Shri Shri Anandamurtiji to his devotees, propounded a unique system in accordance with the movement of wheel of the ‘yogs’ or ages as a viable alternative. His economic theory termed Progressive Utilisation Theory or PROUT is unique and most acceptable today because it’s just natural.

Anandamurtiji said that spirituality is an intuitional science which, if practiced correctly, will benefit mankind, especially in the present stage of spirito-psychic, social and economic crises that the world is facing during the present wheel of social revolution transforming the age of acquisitors or capitalists into the age of warriors.

Anandamurtiji had explained during one of his many discourses that communism would fall like a house of cards and capitalism would vanish like a burst of crackers because these two philosophies were not based on spirituality and hence defective and bound to fail. That is what we saw when the great communist power like USSR disintegrated 25 years ago, and capitalism is also showing signs of cracking up. The liquidation of corporate financial giants, viz. AIG and Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the impending financial disaster of the famous Ford Motor Company, are the early signs of the swift but inevitable end to the present capitalism thriving on borrowed time.

P.R. Sarkar divided the world into 266 socioeconomic units or ‘samajas’. The economy of a particular zone is dependent upon the social behaviour of the people. As for example, the money earned in a particular samaj should not be invested outside but reinvested in the same samaj for it’s development.

These samaj movements are very important. The socioeconomic zones are related to the microvita that flow through the cosmos and, therefore, are in accordance with the laws of nature. We should realise that the American economics cannot sustain until the language, culture and the economics of the indigenous American indians are  developed. The socioeconomic developments of these samajas are the stepping stones towards the foundation the universal human society.

The Amra Bangali is one of these samaj movements on line of the Proutist ideology, which particularly seeks socioeconomic development of indigenous people of Bengal without which the social, cultural and economic development of Bengal is an impossibility. However, these samaj movements will not be successful without the active participation of the moralists. That’s why there is an urgent cry for moralists of the world to unite.

Dr Dhruba Hojai
House # 24(Prashantika), Sankar Nagar
Lakhami Path, Beltola Tiniali

6 thoughts on “The Proutist Samaj Movement”

    1. Ofcourse,you definately can become a Proutist.Rather,we are all trying to be Proutists and PROUT is,in essence,the Dharma of every person of today.Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji the propounder of PROUT philosophy said that the wheel of Yogs or Ages can be revolved clockwise or anti clockwise as per need under tremendous pressure in order to enter into a particular Age for upholding Dharma which is supreme.The dalits,adivasis and other opressed classes have suffered for more than 7000 years in the hands of the so called upper castes throughout the Globe.Now,this is a very severe imbalance and the Law Of Dharma cannot allow it any longer.The Suprreme Consciousness is now compelled to act to prevent a major catastrope to Dharma in order to save the universe.The new major Kureshetra being designed by Bhagwan will be devastating and the racial supremacy over the opressed classes will be completely smashed.The magnitute of today's Dharma Youdh will presumably be extremely huge due to which the Yog or Age will revolve into another Age for which we must be spiritually,mentally.psychologically,physically prepared.This prepardness is PROUT and the active followers of this philosophy are Proutists.This may sound like a Hollywood thriller but fortunately we are in real life.   

    1. A moralist is one who is spiritually uplifted.He/she will lead the society by example.As far as PROUT is concerned,one cannot lead the society without knowing and practising the fundamental principles of PROUT based on spirituality or Yoga(intusional science).So,learn Yoga in any any Jagriti of the Ananda Marga Pracharaka Sangha which are spread throughout the world.As you're already 20 years,it is but a high time you practised Yoga.Rishi Dhruv in whose name the Pole Star is named,learnt spirituality very early in life and by the age of 7 years,he had become a self realised person and contributed so much to mankind.

  1. Sir, God has created human with brain power to explore possibilities for comfort and live a life  with power and position above the nearby one and community to show that he is the no. 1. When the anial can use brain power to search ready food grown in nature for eating  to survive.. Secindly the human being always fight to prove superiority in the name of religion etc . etc. throughout tge world. And the present political difference fuel on it for individual gain. 

    To my mind only solution for all these is to break all the geographical boundary and consider world as one obscure  it is impossible as of date, by giving full power to organization like UNO where race and religions have no place only criteria for members will be geographical inhabitants representative as member on it. 

    Today ISIS a big threat  only in the name of religion with the support of some nations against humanity.

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