Act Locally, Think Universally

PROUT claims Universality but promotes groupification along ethnic, linguistic, socio-economic and other lines. Isn’t it a contradiction in terms?

PROUT’s concept of Samaj is dynamic and progressive. It is not a static concept such as nationalism. A samaj is defined by certain criteria, such as a common background, common needs, and common potentialities. Ultimately we all have the same background, needs and potentialities but practically the people of the Earth will take some time and all-round development to reach to that sublime point of universality.

In the meantime we will all need to take certain common factors into account as we attempt to review and reform society's boundaries in the future. Ethnicity is one factor that still plays a main role in numerous areas around the world. In other places natural resources, opportunities for trade and a host of other factors are of more immediate concern to forming society.

The concept of samaj allows for the natural development of singular socio-economic zones and their mergers into still larger zones based on factors that are vital to the people of those areas at that time. The ultimate goal of PROUT is one universal samaj, One World Society.

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