Spiritual and Moral Leadership

PROUT’s concept of leadership by “sadvipras” doesn’t seem to be democratic but dictatorial.

Democracy is a current form of rule in the ongoing history of various forms of governing human society. After two bloody world wars and recent ethnic and religious fundamentalist backlashes, this particular system of governance “by, for, and of the people” (Abraham Lincoln) has gained currency as the only enlightened political system of any hope to humanity. However, in its present form democracy allows political parties and agents of whole social classes to rule at the expense of other interests and social classes. Under capitalism, democracy has matured as an efficient tool of manipulation where votes and party tactics are traded and bought.

PROUT suggests a number of democratic reforms and introduces the concept of sadvipras to ensure freedom from exploitation and progressive socio-political dynamics. PROUT’s sadvipras do not wield direct policy-making or executive powers. They form their own collective bodies at any administrative level in order to further progress and guard and guide society against exploitation.

The job of sadvipras and their boards is to monitor and start initiative for popular action and if need be revolt against government slackness, corruption and stagnation. Their source of power is people’s respect and confidence earned by their selfless service, constructive social outlook and high values. Sadvipras are the declassed guardians of society, detached from the regular aims and objectives of the regular social classes.

Under PROUT, the policy-making portion of government will be elected while the executive will be appointed (selected). Sadvipras will appoint people for non-governmental executive posts as well.

Compared with today’s system of selfishly-motivated party politics, the concept of sadvipra leadership is really a vision of a higher order. Sadvipras place the collective interest before class interests and are therefore able to supply society and governance with the necessary inspiration for continuous forward motion. Sadvipra leadership invokes a new concept of governance and PROUT views it as essential for democracy to evolve properly into the future.

PROUT’s sadvipras will emerge as the personification of humanity’s regained self-respect, service dedication and social interest in the post-capitalist world.

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