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Capitalists vs. capitalism

PROUT is against capitalism and accepts capitalists. Is it a trick?

The capitalist mindset is a natural human trait. PROUT acknowledges the value of all human  competences and utilises them for progress, maximum utilisation and rational distribution. Natural capitalist-constructive capabilities such as capital formation, financial management, etc. will continue to serve human beings under PROUT. Society cannot do without natural …

Act Locally, Think Universally

PROUT claims Universality but promotes groupification along ethnic, linguistic, socio-economic and other lines. Isn’t it a contradiction in terms?

PROUT’s concept of Samaj is dynamic and progressive. It is not a static concept such as nationalism. A samaj is defined by certain criteria, such as a common background, common needs, and common potentialities. Ultimately we all have the same background, …

For the Good and Happiness of All

PROUT proposes to deliver “the good and happiness of all”. Why this absolute claim?

P.R. Sarkar chose to conclude his fundamental economic principles with the following: “This is the Progressive Utilisation Theory, propounded for the good and happiness of all.” PROUT aims higher than creating welfare for many. Its concept of society states that no one should lag behind in …

Spiritual and Moral Leadership

PROUT’s concept of leadership by “sadvipras” doesn’t seem to be democratic but dictatorial.

Democracy is a current form of rule in the ongoing history of various forms of governing human society. After two bloody world wars and recent ethnic and religious fundamentalist backlashes, this particular system of governance “by, for, and of the people” (Abraham Lincoln) has gained currency as …

Qualified Electorate

Under PROUT voting will not be an automatic right but a qualified responsibility. Is it democratic?

Everywhere in society one will find checks and balances. There is never a free-for-all wherever particular duties and responsibilities are involved.

In a job application only those with a relevant resumé will be accepted for the process. Voting is the biggest job in a …

How Can “Local People” Manage the Economy?

PROUT says the economy should be controlled by local people. But the art of running businesses successfully and the science of economics require particular skills and expertise; how can we expect “local people” to manage it?

“Localisation” is a popular term among those who are looking for an alternative to capitalism. PROUT’s concept of localisation has several important aspects to …