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Liberation of Intellect – the Foundation of Education, PROUT Revolution, NeoHumanism and Spiritual Practice

By Taraka

All philosophies believe in the improvement, enlightenment or liberation of the Human Intellect. Even a materialist philosophy like capitalism believes that people should be taught skills so that they can be used by the capitalists to make money. Even a materialist philosophy like state capitalism (communism) believes that people should realize how they are being exploited so that …

Aesthetics and Mysticism

Beyond the periphery of material mobility, there is the world of aesthetics; and above it, beyond it, there is the world of mystics. The world of mystics and the world of aesthetics are for human beings. And each and every human being should get a proper chance, should get an adequate chance, to move into those worlds. So you boys,

Revolution Against Greed – Part 2

“Regarding earning money and hoarding wealth, most vaeshyas [capitalists] today are pishácavats [ghouls, vampires]. In Sanskrit pisháca means “one who breaks the neck of an animal and then sucks out all the blood, leaving only the flesh and bones”. In India it is said that it is extremely difficult to understand the nature of these bloodsuckingpisháca vaeshyas – because when

From Cardinal Values to Ananda Parivara

Since the start of this century, we see a global erosion of basic civil liberties in countries across the globe. This has gone hand-in-hand with the increasing dominance of society by extreme beliefs, repression of minorities, economic inequality and war. In such a situation the question of World Government becomes inevitable. The ruling capitalists want a global government with a …

Revolutionaries Should Practice Yoga

By Trond Øverland
Written for Prout (Delhi)

As is commonly known, the job of revolutionaries is most challenging. They have to deal with all three aspects of time in quick succession. Revolutions are processes of rapid change driven by pressing, irresistible forces. If revolutionaries cannot move swiftly from the past towards the future, they might end up as the proverbial …

Taraka Brahma

Image above: The Mahabharata (Great India) epos has enhtralled Indians for thousands of years with its dramatic saga of struggle between good and evil centering on its protagonist in excelsis Lord Krsna, the Taraka Brahma of the era. The above rendering in medieval style displays the scene when Lord Krsna expounds the timeless teachings of the Bhagavad Giita, a